App, Security and Privacy (Fingerprint, Pin, or Password)


yes I do if they are not designed to lock every time they go into the background or minimized

(Tommy Long) #85

Would it not just be easier to not give people access to your phone? Most people just lock their front door rather than putting separate locks on every room

(Jolin) #86

That’s not the case. To transfer money to another person, you have to enter your card PIN in the app. The only thing you can do in the Monzo app is transfer money __in__to your Monzo account. So all someone using your phone can do without a PIN, is to add money to your Monzo account.

I’m not arguing against adding the requested feature to the Android app. As others have said, if it’s in the iOS app, then it should be in Android. But I wanted to correct the above, as it’s just not right that someone with your phone can transfer :pound: from you Monzo account to themselves (or otherwise decrease your balance).


That is not all they can do, they can view all your transactions and your balance.

It is not someone topping up my Monzo card with my debit card at legacy bank but them viewing my financial data that is the concern.

I would not want someone to know my balance is £80,000 (or £1.00 for that matter) or that most of my transactions are for purchasing cake or visiting a sauna (imaginary examples)

(Jolin) #88

Yes, I should have been clearer, I was only responding to @Gojaba’s concerns, where he said:

but that the problem was it was possible for someone to transfer :pound: out of Monzo to any contact on the phone. That would be a significant security concern, but at you can’t do this without knowing the card’s PIN. I completely understand why there are other reasons people want to lock access to the Monzo app, such as balance, transaction history, etc., as you say.

(Hugo Cornejo) #89

Thanks for flagging this. We’re totally aware of it and it has a place on the roadmap.

The first step will be for us to build fingerprint scanner support. So you can unlock the phone and then hand it over to a friend to check a web or something and they can’t open Monzo without presenting the fingerprint again.

Second question is if we’ll let you use PIN as a fallback and we haven’t decided yet about it.

For now, the easier workaround would be to switch the Android user to a guest account and then handover the phone (which in general is probably not a bad idea anyway).

Login fails when Monzo app is locked
Features of top up account that would be great to see in current account

thanks for taking the time to reply…how do you switch to a guest account, or set one up for that matter? sorry if I sound thick

(Hugo Cornejo) #91

This kind of thing?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #92

Would depend on your version of Android :slight_smile:

I.e. for me, on the Pixel XL, I can go to Settings->Users & Accounts->Users->“Guest”… “Add User”, etc.

I hope this helps, if you take a screenshot of your settings page I should be able to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot for that info

(Patrick) #94

It’s in the settngs. But you can easily access users by swiping down from the top twice (once for notification drawer and again for the quick settings) . On the left you’ll see time and date, on the right your icon. The icon may be a photo if your android is linked to acconts like Facebook or Google+ but most likely will be a blue circle with a white contact/profile are icon (a head icon). Pressing this icon will let you switch or set up different android user accounts.

Edit: I’m so slow :frowning:

(Andy Little) #95

When using finger prints a pin backup is an absolute must. Finger print scanners only work about half the time for those of us with skin problems.

(Jolin) #96

Out of interest, what is the disadvantage to using PIN backup? Why wouldn’t you want to do this? Especially as I assume that not all phones supported by the Monzo app have fingerprint scanners.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #97

Exactly! I know dozens of people with Android devices, yet only a fraction of those devices feature fingerprint readers, they’re certainly on the rise but far from the ‘norm’

I can’t imagine it would be ‘fair’ for Monzo to split people in twain… “If you have a fingerprint reader, you get security. If you don’t… No security for you!”
(you can substitute security for privacy if you’d like ;))


Agree, and this has been mentioned before when discussing accessibility…but perhaps convieniently forgotten

(Chris Lavender) #99

I use my One Plus 3’s built in app Locker to protect all financial, messaging and sensitive apps. It works better than any 3rd party app.

I’m not sure if app Locker is standard part of android Nougat?

I use finger print but it can also use a pattern or pin for those who don’t have a finger print reader.

(Ravinder Sembi) #100

For the app will be nice have option to use the fingerprint reader to unlock the app for added security.


I believe Monzo itself should at least provide the option of specific security on accessing the app, especially to top up or transfer money. The security I apply to other apps and features of my android phone are a separate matter, and Monzo should not rely on them.

So, without any Monzo security I tried to use additional Android app security measures. I had problems using Avast app locking and Monzo (I can’t log on properly because the app gets tangled up with entering the Avast pin) I decided to try the “protected apps” feature of LineageOS 14.1 on my Android phone. Monzo is now invisible to at least casual users. It’s not perfect, but better than nothing.

I assume that if my phone does get lost or nicked I can ring up the Monzo help desk to get the card suspended - is that true?

(Alex Sherwood) #102

Yes, you can just call the number on the back of the card.


The 0800 won’t always work from abroad, if not then try: