App, Security and Privacy (Fingerprint, Pin, or Password)

(Leonard) #256

Can’t speak for Android as I haven’t used the android app that much but with iOS you can enable Touch/Face ID to unlock the app. Plus anything that involves moving money out of your account uses either Touch/Face ID or your cards PIN.

(Wasim Chowdhury) #257

I’d also like to be able to turn off the ability to view your card balance by force touching the app icon on iOS

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #258

I assume you are talking about the Android app. I’m pretty sure that someone from Monzo mentioned recently that this is imminent.

(Alex Sherwood) #259

Yes it is -

(Alex Sherwood) #260

This is sort of an option already (it’s under your control anyway), before you switch the widget on, Monzo displays a message warning you about your privacy & you have to give your approval in order to activate it :point_down:

If you’ve activated it by mistake, deleting & reinstalling the app will disable it again.

(Simon B) #261

Fingerprint login on Android is a priority right now so it shouldn’t be much longer :grinning:

Extra Security when logging in

In the event no fingerprint reader on their hardware, or it not enabled perhaps due to medical conditions, will the new iteration of the app fallback to an other lock option such as pin or password, or default to having no lock?

(Simon B) #263

Good question. Will try and find out from our Android devs. I believe it would be the same as on iOS, where you simply have the option to either use TouchID or not at all. That said, Android is obviously different to iOS so I can’t say for sure. Watch this space!


IMHO it would be good to have an alternative security option as well as the “not at all” approach. I realise that is regarded by some as security theatre but it is a layer of friction that can delay or prevent unwanted prying eyes, and consequently psychologically reassuring to a user.

(Simon B) #265

I think that’s fair. I don’t think any final decisions have been made on that regard yet so I’ll feed back to the Android folks who are working on it.

(Jason Dance) #266

All very nice and lovely but when are we going to get security for the app, either a pin or fingerprint?

(Alex Sherwood) #267

I’ve moved your post here, where Simon’s shared the latest update -


But you don’t need a PIN for your phone!
You leave it at home in a draw covered in takeaway menus and old batteries and use your card instead of Android Pay :wink:

(Simon B) #269

My favourite word… soon!

Like… very soon.

Like… very very very very soon.



(Gareth) #270

Can we get a Monzo Time:rofl:


With ATM withdrawals on a 30 day period instead of a month, maybe Monzo could use their own calendar with “Monzo Months™”

(Richard Cook) #272

If you’ve seen our March Update, you might have noticed that Adding fingerprint unlock to Android is on the cards for this month. So stay tuned… :point_up_2:


Hi, I have just discovered why I need a pin. My nexus 6p battery needs to be changed. The repairers need my phone password to run diagnostics, because the phone is properly dismantled. I use ProtonMail for my emails and that has a pin, so they can’t read those. But they will get access to my Monzo account, unless I uninstall it, and remove it from my list of apps that Google play remembers. Cheers, Steve

(Jolin) #274

If you contact Monzo support at, or by phoning them, they can log your phone out from their end so you don’t have to worry about this, or uninstall the app. List of phone numbers is at the bottom of this page:


I wouldn’t trust it; you know the repairman can leave persistent malware behind if you let them access. :wink: