App Resize 'Button'

I am using the beta Mondo app on an iPad (until the Android version comes along and I can use my phone).

At the bottom right of the app there is an ‘1X’ in a circle, which actually mean ‘resize to half the size’. After resizing, the ‘1X’ changes to ‘2X’ to reverse the change.

  1. Why did Mondo have to make up another method to indicate resizing / full screen? There are plenty of existing resize/rescale/full icons in use in video apps.
  2. But isn’t it un-necessary to change the button text/icon, as I think it is obvious what the scale/screen usage is. Maybe having a single icon that means ‘resize’ for both scales would suffice, as that would avoid the confusion whether ‘1X’ means change to 1X magnification, or you are viewing at 1X magnification. I think it doesn’t add information, so simplify it.

As the app was made just for iPhone the zoom option is there so you can choose to see it at the intended size or at 2x so it is easier to use on iPad. It is there automatically and will show for any non universal iPhone app, not just Mondo.

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Thanks Bob. I didn’t know that (mainly using Android).