App Redesign [User's Concept]

(Alex Sherwood) #1

Nicolas Ciotti has taken the time to redesign several of the screens from the Monzo app, to be honest I’m not sure all of the changes are 100% practical but it looks great to me!

I’d be interested to hear about some of the thinking behind these changes too..

(Max Walker) #2

So thoughts on each of the pages:

  • Card: I like the little toggle to defrost or not though in practical terms if you’re using it as a current account this should always be switched on (more useful for those sporadic users). Red buttons are good as is a more prominent balance

  • Wallet: Rounded edges on transactions are good though I feel like with this design you’d have to pay more attention when scrolling back to look up a transaction.

  • Transaction pop-up: Again I like, nice simple look but its missing the ability to split the cost and I do like having info about when I last and how often I use a merchant. Also I’d guess the person redesigning lives in a euro-based country as there is a conversion to euros.

  • Top-up: Fairly similar to existing page: Again I like the design but its not giving me anything new over the existing design.

  • Contacts: Again I like it, the curved edges and whatever are cool and elegant

Overall I like the design, its simple and elegant and the rounded buttons are cool. My main issues are that although its simple and elegant some of my favourite features like bill splitting are missing and maybe by adding more of these things using extra buttons it would lose that edge it has over the existing app.

My main thing is that obviously moving forward the team is working with ios and android which I guess is why compromises may have to be made. My closing thought is that rounded edges are cool :slight_smile:

(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #3

I find it amazing that someone’s taken the time to give their own ideas openly in a mockup, it’s much better than just speaking your idea, kudos for that!

Personally, I find it difficult to understand, there’s not a single phone that looks like that, therefore in a real-life phone situation it’s not standing out to me as a viable option. If it was on a phone-in-hand mock-up, it might look more interesting, and stand out better in a real situation.

On the “CARD” tab, I do like the dropdowns on the TOPUP and PAY/REQUEST buttons, perhaps a bit deep and dark but I get the diea, however I’d like to see a “Hover/Active/Focus” state to see how it’d look.

I’m not keen on the Active/Freeze button, just seems weird to me in all honesty.

I like the graph on WALLET, however I’m not quite sure what “WALLET” actually is for. And I think the graph may need a KEY to define what the changes are.

I think there’s too many drop-shadows in total, a good project to relate this to is “Material Design” they have just the right mix of Non-Shadowed and Shadowed objects/panels/buttons.

All-in-all, good attempt Nicolas!

(Emma Barrow) #4

Little bit of feedback while I distract myself from a tedious PowerPoint…

Individual ‘Starbucks’ Screen:

  • Like the ‘pop up’ type appearance vs. current new screen
  • Dislike lack of ‘history’ for that merchant - where’s my ‘buying too many coffees’ guilt trip!
  • Assuming the date/time will still show at the top just can’t see it?

Main Balance Screen:

  • Like the graph appearance, but would like it to ‘blend’ right to the top to save space as it does now
  • like the extension of red/green to all transactions not just top ups

Card Screen:

  • Love the general appearance, much prefer it to now, PIN seems to be missing? Can you add it between ‘top up’ and ‘pay/request’?

Top up Screen:

  • Doesn’t look drastically different to now, but losing the pale blue is good - it does seem a little ‘standard app’ colour scheme at the moment, this new mock-up really makes that palette stand-out and be more ‘Monzo’


Is there any other sort of PowerPoint? :thinking:

(Emma Barrow) #6

This one is now basically an old fashioned slide-show, single image on each page, no words. Much better.

(Max Walker) #7

If I learnt anything from secondary school its that any presentation can be improved by using wordart

maybe this is what the app needs more of…
before anyone commences a rant, I am of course joking

(Dawid) #8

List of transactions: why does everything have to get rounded edges these days? Round edge + shadow is unnecessary gimmicks in my opinion, flat list as it is, is great and you can probably fit more transactions on the screen.


An attractive piece of design. Nicholas clearly has skill and maybe some features are missing because this is work in progress. Beautiful layouts should be kept as a secondary consideration, though, following the principle “form follows function”. So I have some sympathy for Dawid’s views and agree with Max about cross platform compromises. It would be interesting to know if Nicholas’s concept would work in Androidworld.
All in all, though, some good stuff here.

(Brandon Billingham) #10

I think there are some really nice ideas here, not sure how well this transfers to Android but a lot of the ideas and visuals are an improvement on the current design.

(Nick) #11

One big problem I can see right away is that credits and debits are differentiated only by colour. Red and green, no less. That’s not going to work well for people who are red/green colour blind. The added clarity of an extra symbol is almost certainly why the actual Monzo app also adds a big ‘+’ to money coming in.

Not altogether keen on the radio toggle for freezing, either. There’s something about it that lacks impact for me.

I agree that it ‘looks nice’, but practicality and usability is still very important!

(Nicolas Ciotti) #12

Thank you for your comments.
I agree with some of your suggestions about the design.

It’s just a concept so obviously, I didn’t take into consideration all possibility and variants. My scope was simply to modernize and refresh user interface.

Anyway, I appreciate your interest.


I love the ability to display in another currency as while in UK may wish to display EUR equivalents and when in RU to perhaps display in USD

Agree with Nick’s comments about + or - rather than just colour

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