App payment page too bright

Glad to see this happen! If for example I went to CS with the same issue, they’d probably just tell you to “reinstall the app, as this usually fixes issues like these” :joy:

I’m glad it has, honestly this forum is better than going through CS most times. I was a bit skeptical to say the least

I found the forum quite an unpleasant place, to be quite honest. The responses from Monzo, when they came, were correct and respectful. The responses from forum dwellers much less so. Disabled people shouldn’t have to negotiate a sea of bullies to get basic needs met and yet that is exactly what they face 100 times a day.

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I’m sorry you had a rough experience here. Thank you for persevering with the issue as you’ve helped improve something for everyone.


You’ve been incredibly hostile to everyone that has tried to help you.

Point that mirror inwards.


This is a good example of the behaviour I have had to put up with. :clap: No we won’t shut up and take the condescension. Yes we will assert ourselves.

Didn’t find this thread when I was searching for people who’d had similar issues so I put my thoughts here:

I’m not particularly sensitive to bright lights (no nausea), I just strongly dislike the experience of being temporarily blinded by the sudden increase in brightness especially if I’m trying to send a link in a darker room.

My favoured solution is to separate “By QR code or link” into “By QR code” and “By link” in the Request screen. This would also have the benefit of not needing to wait for the QR code to regenerate before you can send a link.

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