App payment page too bright

When requesting a payment, choosing “By QR code or link” turns my phone’s brightness up to full, overriding my settings, which has the brightness down as far as possible. I am extremely sensitive to bright lights and this is disabling, causing nausea. Please turn this off.


Your phones brightness needs to be high in order for the QR code to be able to be scanned.


True but there could at least be a setting to toggle automatic brightness. Would be handy for people who want to increase their brightness themselves.

For example, I’ve found myself accidentally clicking on my Tesco clubcard at night, which feels like it blinds me! In fact, they (Tesco) have a setting here:

Not going to happen, as @Revels Stated, every app that generates a QR Code will do this, one that comes to mind is Trainline, if you use the e-Ticket, brightness gets set to high. even apple pay wallet/google wallet will do that


It might one day, I think the OP understands why it is what it is (or they do now) but I also think it could be done one day, perhaps by splitting the QR code out or only brightening when the code is open


I always understood the link between QR codes and light. My point is, I’m not using QR but sending links, but this has become close to impossible thanks to the UI choice.


Hello Richard! Were you able to solve this problem?

It hasn’t been solved in a week. It’s unlikely to ever be solved.

I think the question was to me @Revels. No it hasn’t been solved. The issue occurs due to QR code and payment link being associated in the UI, when in fact they are not logically associated. For accessibility and disability reasons, it’s important to be able to opt out of QR. I also note that, even after selecting Link rater than QR, the screen remains on full brightness. Monzo does need to look at this for EDI reasons and, once they understand how it is causing accessibility problems for people with disabilities, I am sure they will make it a priority. For example, it’s pretty [pointless spending money on Dark Mode when you force people to go blind performing basic functions


supplementary question: does anyone on this forum actually work at Monzo, or is talking about a bank app just your hobby? Need to know so I can work out the most efficient place to escalate

Staff members do use the community, but they don’t respond to every request/issue. It’s 99% customers.

Posting here is the best way to get it noticed, you can tell chat if you want to.


Why don’t you DM @johnyorke who introduced the feature on the other thread? They work at Monzo.

It’s this true for a phone camera reading the barcode, which I think is the only thing that will be trying to grab these?

I thought brightness was increased for the traditional barcode scanners you get in supermarkets and train stations?

I’ve just tested by opening a random QR code on my old phone and turning the screen brightness right down. My current phone has no trouble picking up the QR code data from it. I don’t know how phone dependant this is though, my current phone is pretty high end :man_shrugging:

When I tap the QR icon, my brightness goes up (understand so scanners can actually read it), but when I tap back out of it the screen dims again. My screen doesn’t become blinding and definitely doesn’t go (or feel like) full brightness.

Guess some may find it difficult to see.

Also note you can still just go to your address for someone to make a payment.

Pixel 6 Pro here.

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Let me have a look into this. :slight_smile:


much appreciated

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Hey! Quick update. We’ve had some really great conversations about this today, and we agree this is an accessibility issue, and we’re looking to fix it. Thanks so much for taking the time to raise it!


A win for @rl92 :tada:

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That’s great, thanks for the update and the action.