App Loading Lag of 5-12 seconds on new build

Hello all! I have been noticing with this last build (195) today the app is sluggish to open on both LTE and wifi. It seems to average 5-12 seconds on the M screen (attached).

I’m using a 6S w 9.2.1. In the grand scheme it is not a big deal, but it is a bit different to previous versions. I also wasn’t sure if it was just me- or if his was expected because of the new functionality.

I’ve also been experiencing this, anywhere from 5-10 seconds.

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not happening with mine as quick as usual - phone 5s update 195

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Cheers for the report chaps, that doesn’t sound good at all, I’m going to take a look at this this morning. Thanks!

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Latest build still takes a surprisingly long time to load - about 4 seconds or so as far as I can tell.

After further investigation, this slowdown appears to be a function of the amount of cached data in your keychain (you can verify this by logging in as another user with fewer transactions). This only affects cold starts (i.e. app has been background-killed).

Since this unlocks before the entry point in our code, it’s not something over which we have direct control; however, we’ll be moving from direct keychain storage to NSFileProtection in the next few weeks, which should return us to sub-second launch times :+1: