App is not responding - just get an empty shell

Hi, all the details (home, summary, account, payments and help) in my app are not visible. I just the the yellow bar error message, that says ‘Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues’.

As the in-app help also doesn’t work it’s not clear how to get help - so I’m trying here. (Help on the website doesn’t actually have any way to get support with an issue that isn’t in the FAQs, and there’s no-one to talk to, or raise an issue - I’d be a bit concerned about customers that weren’t aware ‘community’ was the place to go)

NB - says I’m on v 3.0.0 - so, update issue for Joint account holders perhaps?

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the app?

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I’ll give it a go - what could go wrong?..

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Nothing really.

This is the common fix for most issues :slight_smile:

Oooookay - seems to be working now :blush: