App has stolen Monzo's logo?

Money logo was about towards the end of 2014

Somehow I’ve never seen that. Current “M” is so much better.

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There’s a logo which is way more similar and even with the colours, that someone put up on here not so long ago, but I can’t for the life of me remember which company that is.

This one? App has stolen Monzo's logo?

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The one I was thinking of even had the exact same colours as Monzo!

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Hi guys i just came across this what do you think copyright infringement?

Hi @DIABLO :wave:

This was discussed a few months back so I hope you don’t mind me moving your post here to keep the discussion all in one place :slight_smile:

I agree they are rather similar!

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Hey no worries, my bad should have checked before posting

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Would be the greatest irony ever if Monzo took action! :wink:

Logo looks very similar indeed but what would anyone gain from taking action? That is a photography app with no relation to banking or finances, so no confusion possible there. I don’t see any harm there. It could also be that their logo has been like that for ages and is older than Monzo.

This logo seems familiar somehow… Any takers? :wink:


I’ve moved your post here as there was already a discussion. Feel free to join in :slight_smile:

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Taking action would almost be as pathetic as SumUp having to change the card on their video to yellow.

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It’s important that we protect our brand and image. Where we need to, our legal team reach out to other companies to discuss the best way forward :+1:


Does Monzo have an issue with the above Mirror Lab app? Frankly I’d be disappointed if Monzo were to take action against an app that (presumably accidentally) uses the same logo outline for a totally different industry (photography).

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We don’t need to take legal action.

We’ve spoken to Mirror Lab and they’ve agreed to change it.

In these kind of situations, it is actually beneficial for the smaller company to do this, as having a similar logo prevents them from building up their own significant brand identity.

With regards to SumUp, the usage of our recognisable hot coral card in their advert implied to customers that we co-signed or endorsed their business or product.

They fully agreed and chose to change it - we did not take legal action.


No it didn’t.


It did seem that way :upside_down_face:

They could’ve used a non branded card :smiley: