App Forgets Manually Assigned Categories & Incorrect Merchant Names

(Daniel Taylor) #1
  • When you manually adjust the category for a transaction, it changes back to its original shortly afterward.

  • Some retailers (like the M&S in Brixton) have long complicated names including PLC and road name, where in the prepay app they simply showed the retailer name.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I haven’t experienced this, has it happened to you often?

The team are aware of this issue, they’ve actually mentioned it in the Help section of the app & are planning to fix it :soon:

Merchant data (things like logos, correct names, correct locations) may sometimes be incorrect or look wrong. Please don’t report these as we will fix them in bulk later.

(Daniel Taylor) #3

Thanks for the note about the merchant names, I hadn’t seen that.

Having only had the account for a few days I don’t have a large volume of transactions yet, but in particular the category changes I made to “Boots” and “Imperial War Museum” didn’t stick.

(Alex) #4

I had a category switch back to General after I’d manually changed it to Eating Out yesterday. But I figured it was just because my internet connection was down at that time.

(Sacha) #5

I had the category on one entry revert back. Thanks for flagging that place names will eventually get fixed; I sent in a couple of corrections to Virgin Media yesterday not realising this.

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