App fails to remember account

I’m using a Samsung phone, the Monzo app used to work fine, now occasionally when I open the app it sends me to an authentification email, which then loses all my biometrics (leaving the app open) - happens intermittently.

When I spoke to Monzo help they suggested deleting and reinstalling the app - that’s worked well for about a week - then today it referred me back to a log in email.

Is anyone else having this issue?

One thing you could try - Do you use battery optimisation on your phone? Try telling it to not optimise Monzo, if so.

I’ll try that - but I have logged into my Monzo app maybe 8 times today - and only this last time did it revert me back to email login… it’s just weird!

It does sound strange.

Failing the above a good old reinstall of the app generally fixes odd behaviour like this.

  • Remove
  • Restart phone
  • Reinstall
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