App Evolution: now in Monzo Labs!


TestFlight is the way that Apple developers can release test versions of their apps - TestFlight - Apple Developer

TestFlight users here are probably using a version of the monzo app that is a week or two ahead of everyone else. They get software fixes before everyone else, but they also suffer more bugs.


This might be a step on the way to a unified feed, but I’m getting active card checks for my Flex account in the Overview feed, but then the actual transaction that follows in the Flex feed

Feels a bit messy and confusing for the time being!

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Same issue here, noticed it last night.

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This is fixed by the looks in 5.26.1 which looks to be a bug fixer release


I’m absolutely loving the direction that this is going in. The recent ‘tidy up’ changes, taking into account our feedback on removing extraneous headings etc, really makes it pop. Loving the team’s work.

I thought that after a series of incremental changes, it would be good to summarise my feedback on the design as it stands. Please take for given that it’s brilliant, these are just some bits that I think could be improved!

  1. I’m still not sure on the gradient of the “monzo” on the Premium card. It seems to wash out in the middle for me.
  2. The ‘total upcoming’ spotlight is great, but doesn’t really scratch my itch. I’m starting to get early notifications of salary in and bills out in my feed for after the bank holiday. It doesn’t include them and I still have multiple ghosted transactions as normal.
  3. I’m liking the way that there’s a more logical set of actions under the ‘three dots’ activity menus for Pots and Other Accounts. But the pedant in me wants the same icon for ‘Create Pot’ and ‘Add account’. The chain/link icon doesn’t feel that intuitive. (We’re into pedantry here!)
  4. Similarly, the ‘sort’ option (loving that the arrows change depending on the view, btw) is actually ‘sort and hide’. It took me a moment to work that out and find the right place to find the unhide option.
  5. Relatedly (and this won’t be for everyone), I’d like an option to display a pop up with hidden accounts and their balances. I want to hide them from the main screen for simplicity but still have a way to view them easily when needed.
  6. Contentious feedback alert! I’d like an option for the Other accounts to scroll horizontally, so they’re the same as pots!
  7. Actually (and sorry I’m a bit like a broken record) I really need a breakdown of different account types - so credit cards, savings etc. This could all be nested in the ‘other accounts’ section or by making separate sections for each. Or, thinking aloud, let me put my long term repayment 0% cards in the ‘Borrowing’ section with my mortgage - that’d make more sense. God tier would be allowing me to group them however I want. But - whether it stays the same or it’s made more granular - we need a total of all ‘other accounts’ like we have next to Pots! (Also: interesting that we’ve changed the term from ‘connected accounts’ to ‘other accounts’ - maybe manual accounts are incoming? :thinking:)
  8. I think this is on the to-do list, but a better way of managing virtual and physical cards, please! Having ‘Card’ under the Flex and Premium up top is fine, but virtual cards down the bottom, disassociated from the account they’re connected to is odd. I love the new card screen, but I’d love for there to be some sort of selector from the main Overview screen to pick which card I want to look at, that then takes me to a consistent look and feel for all cards. And we still can’t see the PIN for Flex cards.
  9. Loving the edit layout - both the new location of the button and the options it holds. Minor but irritating point: the current account is the lowest on the list on the main screen, but the top of the list on the edit account screen. Now, I know this is because of the skeuomorphic stack metaphor on the home screen rather than a list, but my brain processes it as inconsistent!
  10. We need more pots! Because of the new design, I’ve maxed out my 20 pots. I’m using more savings pots than ever, but because I don’t have to have them all in a list, I’m using more pots to granularly budget and set money aside. And now I’ve run out. More pots please!
  11. I know you’re working on pinning connected accounts to the top, but I’d also like to pin my bills pot please! What’s seen as the current account is basically my spending money, and the bills pot is the rest of my current account. I’d like them both up top!
  12. Similarly, Monzo has never been very good as giving me an overview of just how much I’ve got in my account, pots and all. The pots total include money stored with partner banks, so it’s not even a case of adding two numbers in my head manually. Somewhere, I’d like to see a total of all the funds I’m storing with Monzo. I’m not near the FSCS limit but if some are then that figure would be invaluable.
  13. The new feed doesn’t show which pots upcoming transactions are coming from (the old one does). And tapping into the transaction doesn’t show me either. I’d love for there to be both an indication on the feed and an extra field when you tap into the transaction detail to show me where it’s coming from and if there’s enough cash in the pot.
  14. Similarly (and back to ‘other accounts’) connected current accounts aren’t labelled as such - whereas savings and credit cards are.
  15. I’m absolutely loving the haptics on putting down spotlights!
  16. Finally, a cheeky request for a net worth figure / screen. The new design is well primed for this to slot in nicely!

I think that’s about it - until I remember the obvious things I forgot…

But excellent work. Really keen on the direction and the foundation that this will lay for new features. :muscle:


Update! Looks like this has been fixed for upcoming standing orders, but not for direct debits.

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Agree, I’d much prefer for the gradients (for Plus & Premium) to be scrapped or an option to turn it off. I just want a plain grey background :laughing:

Ah yes. I mean that too, but I was talking about the gradient on the Monzo wordmark - it’s just too light in the middle:


But yeah the gradient (which I think only survives on the Trends and Premium tab) looks a bit out of place with the cool green backdrop elsewhere.


This still seems a good idea that wasn’t implemented:

We’ll start including a subtitle on automatic Pot withdrawals, showing which Direct Debit it pays. (Soon)


Feels like one for @giorgio and team!

(And speaking of them, feels like things have gone pretty quiet on that front).


Or just take from the Pot :upside_down_face::joy:


So my upcoming transfers and direct debits are now showing.

I have 25 upcoming lines on the Overview screen plus three three latest transactions.

I’ve lost track of the plan. Was it to consolidate the future transactions somehow?


This has appeared in a recent tear down as a yet-to-be-released thing (credit to @davidwalton for tearing down)


Once this bad boy gets switched to true, balance will be restored:

    <boolean name="unified_feed_aggregate_upcoming_items" value="false" />

I’m slowly but surely coming around to the new overview… 2 things that would make things perfect (for me)…

Please re-add the gestures for navigating away from pot views / returning to the overview!

Please let me shuffle around ‘Activity’, ‘Pots’ and ‘Other accounts’ sections!


In the Activity card/section, I’d really like to see the activity of the other accounts as well, or at least the ability to enable it.

+1 on this, I’d like to be able to change the order of the sections


Yeah I’d definitely like a gesture for getting out of viewing a pot, and not just have to rely on the X


I don’t see why it can’t be a pull down gesture the same as how you can get rid of the activity feed once you’re in it?

I have the 14 pro max so reaching for that X at the top left is a bit of a pain. Connected accounts having their own cards at the top and customisable layouts is still top of my wish list though, I can deal with the pot X’s for now


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to drop in and give a little update on where we’re at when it comes to testing the new Home screen.

Last week we went live with the first half of our final pre launch experiment (dun dun dunnnn) where we started enrolling some customers into the new Home screen as soon as they signed up for Monzo. Today we’re going live with the second half where we’re enrolling a group of existing customers into the new Home screen.

We want to make sure that these existing customers get off on the right foot with the new Home screen so we’ll be showing them a couple of intro screens and then giving two layout options for them to choose from.

If you’ve already switched on the new Home screen via Labs, you’ll be shown the same screens and will also have to select one of the layout options. Sorry if this messes with any customisation you’ve already done, but we couldn’t avoid this one. Of course, you’ll be able to re-customise to get your app back just how you like it. While we’re in Labs, I can’t promise that this won’t happen again but we’ll avoid disruption where we can :broken_heart:

If you’re yet to give the new Home screen a go, you might be included in our test group. And if you’re not included in the test, but you think it might be time to try out the new Home screen, head over to Labs to toggle it on yourself.

Doing proper experimentation is really important to us before we fully roll out the new Home screen to make sure that we know how these changes affect the way customers use the app, and are not making it harder for customers to complete important tasks. Plus the more customers that try out the new Home screen, the more feedback we get, the more bugs we can spot and fix, and the better we can make the experience before the full roll out.

The squad and I love checking this forum to see what you all think of the work we’re doing. We really appreciate all of the feedback that you’ve given so far - we read everything so please keep your thoughts coming! :heart: