App Evolution: now in Monzo Labs!

Can I edit the activity feed to only include my personal account? I’m not too bothered about my joint account (boring bills)

PS this is great, well done

Thank you for highlighting this. Very much agree. We’re planning on updating these sections in the coming releases. Plan is to make use of newer components, condense the lists of actions, and removing duplicate actions.

You’ll see from the top half of the screen we’ve put effort in to understanding mental models and looking to contextualise where we put actions. The intention really is to move away from “a list of everything”, remove the clutter, make things super contextual, and really more engaging to interact with.

So please do keep those comments coming as we continue to iterate on this!


Having pots under the accounts would be better for me, and then transactions, then all else.

Which long press on flex, it pops out as though could move, so I guess if I was a Plus customer I could move this between other accounts, just not the main one?

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Amazing. Yes the actions at the top of the screen feel much better; rather than a long list.

Obviously this is in labs but I can’t express how much closer to what I consider Monzo to be (a centre for my finances) this already is.


Definitely keen to do this one! We’re going to be considering this as part of a larger point on customisation, we want you to really be able to refine Overview to work for how you want to see your finances in a lightweight way


Looking good! Although, I do miss having my Left to Spend bar on the home screen! Perhaps this could be shoved in the account pill somewhere?


This is a personal preference but I think Left to Spend needs to be either disabled by default or killed off. So many people new to Monzo seem to get confused by it and think that Monzo will take their money at the end of the month (yes, still)


This is something we’re putting some thought in to. At a high level, how can we ensure that the information being displayed is as contextual and relevant to the individual as possible.

One of the areas we’re digging deeper is whether ‘Trends’ can be leveraged more within the overview.

So for example IF you have set a budget within Trends, can we leverage key data and show at a glance how you are getting on. But if you don’t manage your money in that way, then ensure there is no extra clutter on the screen. A fine balance, but ultimately give you more control so overview is super personal to the individual.


I’ve had to have a lie down in a dark room without internet.

Expect a whole host of thoughts :soon:

(This is amazing. Obvs).


First impressions is I love it, like seeing my personal account, joint account and flex balance all together. Not keen on pots from joint and personal account added together, would like a separate balance please monzo.

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It’s very yellow with the sunshine card top & centre, but that’s my choice.

Be nice to get the virtual cards in the top card section potentially, instead of them sitting separately. :person_shrugging:

No huge amount of feedback from me that’s not been mentioned, it looks good, works okay, and be good to see how it adapts over time.


You stay away from my left to spend figure! :raised_hand:


Actually, cancel that - a bug…

If you go to the full latest activity feed, click a transaction, then go back it takes you to the homepage, not back to the feed that you were on.

Left to Spend is one of those things, that makes Monzo, Monzo. Really important visual aid to have a decent understanding of what is disposable v what is needed to meet the bills.


I’d argue that’s what your main balance is, everything else to be paid from pots thus anything in main account is to spend.



The balance graph, done right, making a clear distinction the estimated balance at the end of the month is my safe to spend figure, could be a solid replacement for me. Trends has kinda become my new home in Monzo because of the balance graphs.

So stick the balance pulse to to the very top of that home page, and you’ll have my consent to do as @ndrw says. :grimacing:

Boy, we have vastly different ways of using Monzo. Pots aren’t the be all end all that covers every little thing like the Monzo faithfuls (yes I caved and downloaded BBC iplayer for the first time in my adult life) would have you believe. Balance, especially in how it integrates so beautifully with pots does though.


More great work, thanks, I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves.

Left to Spend being brought to the forefront would be my one big ask, I love that feature and is more important to me than other stuff


If Left to Spend is to stay it could be renamed to make its purpose clearer? Safe to Spend?

And risk being ceased and desisted again by whoever got the rights this phrase during Simple’s demise? :laughing:

DASBudget, a heavily simple-inspired budgeting tool created by Monzo’s own @while-loop uses the term free-to-spend. Perhaps Monzo could borrow that?

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They’re one of monzos biggest selling points. You can use left to spend, or just budget and move everything to pots.

I don’t recall seeing any focus on left to spend, but moving money to pots etc is all over the socials at the moment to help with budgeting.

I’ve never used left to spend. Revolut has similar and I used it for a bit but its off now.

It’s easy for something to be left off left to spend. It’s not if it’s out of sight out of mind.

Edit: very left to spendy here but my point is out. :upside_down_face: