App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Why does AMEX say credit card under it but Barclaycard doesn’t?

I’d love to see a Spotlight and/or perhaps a place on the Home Screen for credit insights, similar to the cash back section. Also hide it if others don’t want it.

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New Notes UI?


Yes it is. Down side is the iOS tag suggester (in Labs) no longer works.

What’s changed? It’s not obvious to me.

But I will use this opportunity to re-state an annoyance I have with notes and references. I’ve stated it before but have never had anyone from Monzo comment on it. Maybe this time :crossed_fingers:

It feels totally wrong to me that Monzo places the bank transfer references into an editable notes field. I don’t want the original reference in a place where I could accidently edit it. The reference used at the time of a bank transfer should be housed in a separate immutable field on the transaction page so that I can be confident I can always identify a transaction based on the reference used at the time of the transaction.


Can’t the notes box just be there on the transaction screen rather than having to click into it to edit?


Connected acxounts: until about 10 days ago my two Amex cards were just listed as “American Express”.

Then, more usefully, Monzo showed them with subheadings of “The Platinum Card” and “The Platinum Credit Card”, which was great.

Now, for some reason, it’s changed again, they both just say “Platinum” and they’re once more indistinguishable.

Can we get the proper card names back please?