App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

We’ve added dismissal (more accurately, @jamesmcdonagh has) to the Pots have moved card - you should be able to get rid of it now, if you like

Thanks for the nudge, just don’t forget they’ve moved please :sweat_smile:


Sorry what does this mean? I’m new to forums in general :sweat_smile:

Also, I had a go at the new personal account views option but I wasn’t a massive fan. If it’s due to be implemented, could we have the option to have a ‘classic’ view - I quite like being able to swipe from left to right between accounts :grin:

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This is awesome news, thank you; a definite bugbear of mine! :+1:

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He means you can do what you wanted, but not to forget that the pots have indeed moved.

They’ve said a good few times in here that this won’t happen. I don’t blame them, trying to maintain old views alongside new will create technical debt over time. But you can keep feeding back here and via the app around how the new direction is going for you. Sometimes you might get lucky and they do it.


My apologies! I thought it was in reference to my post thanking him without adding any meaning to the forum :sweat_smile:

That’s fair enough I get that. It would be interesting to hear why they chose the new view!

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I’m finding the new UI for pots and feed confusing between what’s a personal expense/ pot and what is a joint one. It also makes my list of pots really long now they’re not separated.

I keep also sending money from the wrong account as it’s not super clear on the UI which pot you’re sending it from.

Is there anything you can do to make the transactions more distinct/ separate money management for different accounts a bit better?


My top tip is to have them different colours for each account.



In the latest iOS TestFlight version (5.60.0) the notes & receipt fields in the transaction view have moved much further down, below Flex & “Share the cost” bill splitting.

I totally understand wanting to make these features more visible, but I use the notes field on nearly every transaction and really appreciated being able to get to it without swiping.

Screenshots: Before (v5.59) and after (v5.60).


I’m with you 100% … I’d love to hear Monzo’s rationale for changes like this as they appears to made on a whim… I’m sure they will have some data points to suggest that it’s the right thing to do, but even so it’s a retrograde step for those who use notes extensively…


It might feel like it, but if you’re in the minority for those presses, why should it remain for you?


I don’t think I’ve ever used the notes bit on transactions, can’t think of a single time.


Definitely minority.

They wouldn’t move most used options further down the list to make people’s lives harder.

I’ve rarely used it.

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I guess, @revels comment is addressed at me?

I’m not suggesting it should remain for me or anyone! just that it affects those who use notes a lot…

How do you get to this screen. I’ve never seen that before?

Just click on a transaction.

Aye yes I just discovered that. It still shows notes at the top. I like how your notes show on the Home Screen. Thats pretty useful but can’t say I will ever need to put a note against something unless maybe someone is paying me for something and I need to keep track.

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I prefer Split bill higher tbf as I’m more likely to use it. Might mean more people start using it too, and you can share a link to friends not on monzo (to sign up) within that screen (not sure if it was always there).


Maybe it does. But it also improves it for more people who use the other things more often.

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v5.60 hasn’t hit me yet on Android but it would be interesting to see what changes they make for us.
I have Category on its own, then Split the bill, shared tab, notes/tags and then receipt grouped together, followed by the big “flex it” button which takes up way too much real estate.

Edit: v5.60 beta just dropped for Android, and there’s no change to the order for me.

Never ever used it :person_shrugging:

Notes, however :smile: