App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Finally you’ve seen sense!

But didn’t you have Yello first, then went to pink? If so, how did you manage to go back?


I’ve not took close looks at the detail around the monzo bit :upside_down_face:

The pink is nice, but become to see it’s far too bold for a plain Jane like me :rofl:

I also couldn’t match it with anything, which would annoy me.

I’d never go :juicy: though.

I need the answer to this! :laughing:

I’ll fetch the old one out this week and see if the detail has improved.

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This is absolutely fundamental for me. Please fix this.

That said, the rest is looking like a huge improvement. Looking forward to this coming to Labs.


@dylanslewis not sure if this has come through via Monzo chat (in-app) but I’ve been experiencing issues with bill splits whenever I turn the overview screen on. It has just happened again:

I raised this last week but still waiting for a response and wanted to check that your team are aware of it.

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Without wanting to take this further off-topic I’m interested in two things (for my own sanity):

  1. What detail are you talking about? What would have improved?

2. You had a :sunshine: card, then replaced it with :disco:. Now you seem to be back on :sunshine: despite everyone only being eligible for one neon replacement card. How? You’ve skirted around this question twice. Of course no obligation to answer but it’s intriguing :face_with_monocle:


I’m intuiting that the answer is schenanigans

I have answered the same question twice with the same answer?

The fade on the orange monzo wording was shite on the original (monzo accepted way back when that there were quality issues) which isn’t as noticeable on the second one I got, just not activated until recently.

Does that satisfy your question for a third time? :pray:t3:

In terms of ordering another. I’m not sure how or why but it worked. I thought you meant from a mental point of view not a process point of view. My bad.



Shenanigans coming through.

I think a drawer handle style thing at the top to imply you can pull down would help. I like the gesture but I know exactly what you mean about hidden gestures across everything, its sadly not an apple only problem.

Yeah, I do love to tweak but not rewrite everything to the nth degree.
I would like a flow with say 3 presets of show lots, show a bit and more minimal that use user would use as a base layout with an explanation that they can customise further.
I know people who love minimal and I know people who love more and rather than having the default being neither or worse for each just have the ability for setting your initial preset with the knowledge it could go further.
I actually know a few who had no idea you could hide pots and they had a wad and found it annoying having to go past them all as it were so exposing that information in a intro flow would be a good way to highlight existing stuff people may have missed.


Assume you mean the other way round cause my Monzo app was in light mode, phone was in dark


I think they are asking how you’ve managed to go back to using a different coloured card without ordering a new one.

How did you get a yellow and then a pink and then a yellow.

Just through the app. It was months ago, but I think cuz another card was waiting activation (green maybe) it let me choose another neon so went yellow.


I hope it’s not.

I love the ability to glance what’s upcoming, perhaps a toggle for those who don’t want to see pending transactions here.


Fair enough! Or perhaps two sections latest transactions and upcoming transactions would be the answer here.


I’d prefer them as one with the option to show/hide upcoming etc. Separate ones is not going to be helpful to reducing the scroll length of the screen etc.


I mean is that not how its already displayed, pending transactions show right at the top no?

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I think there has been some interchangeable use of the terms pending and upcoming. In both cases I think @Callumrhys is talking about transactions that have not yet happened (e.g. direct debit due to be paid tomorrow, etc). I think what @Callumrhys wants is to not see these not-yet-occurred transactions in the small (3 transaction) glanceable widget shown on the home screen, and instead only see the latest transactions that have actually happened.

At the moment if you have 3 or more not-yet-occurred transactions at the top of your latesr activity widget you have to click see all to see the latest transaction that has actually taken place.

Not sure what the best solution is here, but it seems a reasonable thing for Monzo to consider.