App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Hey folks :wave:

We’re excited to share the new Flex feed, which brings together the old feed and options that used to live in the ‘manage’ tab in the same style as the new current account experience :sparkles:

We’re gradually rolling it out for a small number of Flex users to test first, but we’d like to make sure you get a chance to try it and share your feedback too. Fill out this form and we’ll activate it for you over the next few days :pray:

[edit: I’ve closed the form now]

In the meantime, here’s a little preview…


Form filled, can’t wait :smiley:

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Looks nice! :smiley:

Is this accessed by tapping on the Flex card, and if so, will this start the transition away from the card carousel as we know it within the app? :eyes:

Also, nice iPhone 9001 with that crazy screen height! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep :+1:

You should see the camera :telescope:


Finally a use for the iPhone 5c case :eye:



Sidenote: I love the new Flex feed!


That was fast, I already have it :joy:

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Quick question from me…
Is there going to be a way to pay off extra and have it recalculate the remaining amounts?
I can do this at the moment but it’s manual. I change the installment plan to 1 month, pay off the extra money (for example my wife gives me a chunk she was saving up) and then I change the installment plan back to 3 months.
It works, but it’s clunky.

You’re probably better asking that question over in the Flex topic, this one’s just about the new (preview) UI/UX.

Edit: Or then again, you’re asking about a possibly new UI feature, so… maybe asking here’s correct.

I don’t! :angry:

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Filled in.

Good timing because I’ve recently been on a Flex splurge!

Looks good. Opted in.

You must’ve been part of the mini roll out we’re doing at the moment :four_leaf_clover:

To manage expectations, we probably won’t be rolling this out to people who’ve filled out the form today!


New feed looks really nice. Form filled out and can’t wait to test it out.

A bit of initial feedback from me.

I love this section. Very clear and all the settings I’d need to see in one place.

I’m not so sure about this section however. For me, I’d like the Pay Early option to go to a page saying pay all early, or pay an individual purchase early, or select multiple and pay these early.


It appears I do as well! :smiley:

I see what you are saing but I think the Pay Early flow screen could do with a bit more blurb and maybe a link to pay off individual lines/whole balance in there.

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Filled in the form!

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Looks great. From completed. Will Flex transactions now appear in the Activity feed on the new Home layout?

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I got the change now. I like it, my only comment is I’m not sure the areas are in the right order (and not in keeping with the order of things in other new areas of the app)

To me it would make more sense to have activity first (like on the the home/main overview screen, and also the new pots screens too which is followed by scheduled payments) and that way all the payment areas could be grouped together?

So for me that would be the card at the top followed by activity, followed by limit, followed by payments and then payment settings.

Alternatively card, limit, activity, payments, payment settings.

Hope that helps.

Edit: Am working in the assumption that only 3 transactions will show in the activity feed until tapping see all? Or will it show all active transactions?


Must be part of the mini rollout as have the new feed already.

Not sure if activity should be first then the payment t options but I guess if you’ve had a lot of activity the payment screen gets pushed further down.

Like the graphic on % used but this could be put on the card graphic as well to save space.

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