App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Ah, the perils of picking the wrong colour. I’m still loving my disco pink card

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Definitely agree with this, especially if it is going to become a master feed and therefore where I imagine I would spend most of my time as there would no longer be a reason to check current account feed then various credit card feeds individually.

And just on this, I am sure it’s been considered given the many references to allowing customisation, but will definitely want the ability to choose accounts for this feed!

And does this mean we would get (at least) notes/tags for connected account transactions @emmag (and hopefully bill splitting etc too)? Would be sad to have transactions all together but some still less featured.

For me (iOS testflight 5.5.0), this seems to be the same order as on the carousel / the old home screen list view.


Another small point about the quick access menu.

On the current account, there’s an option for Statements, which takes you straight to the monthly statements screen.

But there are other statements: Statement of Fees and Interest Statements. It would be good to have access to all three of those from one page (maybe by tweaking the existing monthly statement page?)

While I’m on statements, it’d be great to have a similar shortcut for the Flex card (and other relevant options like Manage Accounts, shortcut to card details etc).


Ok, I’ve used this for a day and I’m afraid to say that I don’t really like it :disappointed:

First, it’s just not that useful. The screen shows my balance, which is useful, but that’s about it. I don’t need a picture of my face, an upgrade offer, a refer a friend icon, constant reminders of my sort code and account number, or a third of the screen given over to creating a new pot.

The recent transactions could be useful but isn’t. This morning it showed 2 upcoming direct debits and an Amazon purchase from last night. Now it shows the same 2 upcoming DDs but also my lunch purchase - though not the coffee I bought this morning.

I really like the Left to Spend graphic showing my spending vs how far through the month we are, and it’s a shame that this isn’t visible on the new screen.

The next point may be a bug, but my app keeps bringing me back to the new screen. Open app :arrow_right: see the new screen :arrow_right: click my account to get to the card carousel screen / the feed :arrow_right: view a transaction :arrow_right: click “back” and I end up back at the new screen. “Back” should take me back to my feed, surely?

My ideal front screen is the feed, with all my recent transactions, my balance, and the Left to Spend graphic… This latest update feels a long way removed from that.


Can I ask how you use Monzo (no wrong answers here!)?

Am I right in saying that it’s either your main or spending account, no pots, no Flex or other Monzo products, no connected accounts and that you use Summary to tell you Left to Spend which then drives your spending?

It feels like that is a use case that isn’t particularly well served by this model. I love it because I’m a heavy pots, connected accounts and Flex user. Your screen, by comparison, looks a bit empty… And if you’re budgeting through Left to Spend I totally get the need to have that front and centre…


I don’t budget strictly but I do stop and think a bit when I see the balance dropping too fast vs the progress through the month. Equally, when Left to Spend is green and I can see I have a reasonable buffer, I’m more relaxed about spending. I can’t say that I ever actually click in to Summary.


Thing is, even if I used Monzo as a main account, I’d be in the same boat as @aCCount

I hate the concept of pots and you’ll see me pull all my teeth out before I pay for Plus, so the front page of this current iteration will always be 50%+ wasted space and adverts for me.

That said, v2 of the app was pretty dated and not the greatest UX with its many hidden menus to get to and with more swiping than a desperate singleton on Tinder.

So overall, I love the direction this is taking, and I can see the appeal for heavy Monzo users, but it’s not (yet) great for basic banking people.

We’ve been promised customisation so I hope more basic users will be considered too when it comes to that. I’ll reserve judgement until full launch day.


I’m not Monzo (obvs) but this is excellent feedback. It’s easy to design for power users (and engaged folk like us) and sometimes forget the more straightforward use cases!


I am on an android pixel 6 pro - once I enabled this Monzo disappeared from app search. It is still there in full app list.

Also as others have said - seems to be UX designed for upselling not usability.

Overall as I will never pay I am less likely to make monzo my main account not more.


Overall, I think RBS is peak what I need from my banking app.

A simple home screen showing all my accounts (included connected accounts) and available balances. Sub-menus for account related functionality. Separate tab for budgeting so I never have to come across it if I don’t need it. And literally zero upselling unless I go looking to be upsold.

No matter how attractive things like Flex and Starling Virtual Cards or seeing upcoming direct debits are, the app experience can never live up to it.

I honestly never thought that NatWest/RBS would give me all that I want from a banking app but they’re honestly 99% perfect


Currently… they have had product ads in that screen many times before and spliced throughout. I just ran my RBS to check and they are all off right now at least but they have had splash screen notices on launch with ads in the past.
RBS tried to get me a loan and mortgage with various messages and splash screens. Also they keep wanting me to get them to check my credit history regardless of how much I dismiss it.

It is very clean right now at least but I don’t run it a huge amount so not sure when the products messaging went away.


I had a big notice on the accounts page in the RBS app just a few days ago advertising the DRS account, even though I’d already got one.


I have to agree. The insights that NatWest give beat a number of the banks out there

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This may/may not be the place to mention it, but if you are revamping parts of the app - please get rid of the “getting paid early” animation


Do you mean the drag-down to the wallet (or pumpkin when it’s Halloween) to get the incoming BACS payment in advance?

Oh boy

  • that’s one of the best parts of the entire Monzo banking experience

It is. But getting paid early without having to do it manually is God Tier.

Make it Happen, Monzo!


I like the manual option.


Me too.

There’s something about getting the notification on the day, waiting until 4pm, then opening the app and dragging down that sucka until :boom: - more money in the account.

It’s a very-positive mental elf ting.

Auto-payment? Seems a bit Faster payment with the usual no added character. I’m all for automation but this one thing is a beauty in engaged execution.

PS> MrsW & me have a comp to see who can claim payments into our Joint account quicker. It’s 50/50 at this stage which in itself exemplifies a Joint account!

4pm always tense. Followed by an equally tense Salary Sort :thinking:


Surely it isn’t too difficult for them to leave the manual option there (for those who want it), but have something underneath where you can toggle for it to do it automatically moving forward?


Revolut so this automatically at 5pm, which is preferred.