App crashing when clicking 'Payments'

Issue: When I click on the payments button the app crashes. I need to close the app, reopen and try again. It usually works on the 5th or 6th go. This appeared after the most recent update.

Details to reproduce: I just need to open the app and click on the payments button to reproduce on my device.
OS: Oxygen OS
Device: OnePlus 8
App Version: 4.2.0

Screenshots: it’s not really possible to screenshot an app crashing

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

I just did that now and exactly the same issue I’m afraid

Isn’t the app now version 4.3.0? Have you checked if there is an update?

I just literally deleted and reinstalled it so would have expected to get the most recent. However I just checked and no updates available.

Was there a solution to this? I have the exact same problem and the app is unusable.

Not pressing payments.

(Try uninstalling and reinstalling)