App crashing on launch

The app is crashing on launch for me, after exactly 20 seconds. It just displays the initial ‘M’ logo until it dies. It’s definitely not a network issue on my end - I’ve tested it on multiple wifi networks and also on 4g.

I can provide the logs via Xcode if you wish (I’m a dev).



Hi Phil, this was a known issue affecting previous versions of iOS, where apps would crash on startup under low memory conditions. The issue is supposed to be resolved in the latest iOS 9.3.2. :iphone:


I’m running 9.3.2.


My iPhone has been quite temperamental with several apps in the last few versions. Sometimes only rebooting seems to solve the issue.

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Interesting! Would you be able to email the crash logs to :love_letter:

I’ve mailed one (they’re all the same).



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