Anyone with a pressure cooker?

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

What type of pressure cooker did you get? I’ve been interested in them for a while, but never splashed out.

Just a bog standard one
Cooks me food quickly and apparently retains more nutrients than other ways of cooking
Also it turns off after the food is cooked so don’t have to worry about ovens etc and over heating

We’ve recently got one but haven’t experimented with it much.
When we did use it, we had our timings all off.
Should give it another go.

I’m guessing what the OP means is do you have a stove top pressure cooker or a kitchen worktop pressure cooker?

They are both slightly different to each other as the stove top pressure cookers gets hotter then it’s kitchen worktop namesake so cooks food quicker. However the kitchen worktop pressure cooker has multi use features such as different settings. Steam, slow cooker, rice, and yogurt are some of the most popular.

I have a kitchen worktop pressure cooker it’s been unused in it’s box since last year. I don’t really have any use for it but was given it as a present. One day I’ll have use for it I guess…:thinking:

Use mine all the time to steam veg in two mins.

There are literally 1000s I’d recipes on YouTube if you’re stuck for ideas.

On the subject of pressure cookers, these guys on youtube have a video about pressure cooker recipes. Really good channel:

Not sure if they’re the ‘right type’ of equipment but may be good for inspiration

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So annoying most pressure cookers don’t let you control the pressure/temperature which is pretty essential for most n cooking being student level.

I love Sorted Food, they’re brilliant. :rofl:

n00b question, I have checked in the booklet but no info.

Basically. If your cooking chicken and veg for example you obviously put the chicken in for a few minutes, then do you cancel it, open the pot and then add the veg towards the end and then put it on for another few minutes to finish off the chicken with the veg in ?

Do the recipes you’re using not tell you this? I don’t have a pressure cooker, but my instinct would be to put both in at the same time, unless the recipe tells me otherwise.

I do most of the cooking in our house and would like to try one of these out but I fear it would get used a couple of times and chucked in the back of the kitchen cupboard like all my other appliances

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Yes the recipe book does show you how to make certain meals with fairly vague detail, but if I was to make my own recipe i wouldn’t know the best way to go about it ?

Ah, I wouldn’t have the confidence to make my own. I’d rely on Google searching and Youtube to find interesting recipies to try :slight_smile: Perhaps you could have a look at what’s out there and then try modifying those instead of starting from scratch?

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Yes good thinking. Once i’ve done a few meals from the book, experience will help me to make my own.

I’m starting off with basic stuff like frozen chicken, salmon, eggs etc and will eventually make some of the lovely looking meals in the recipe book.

Logically though it would make sense to put the meat in first, then half way through - open the lid, put the veg/potatoes in and then let it cook for the remainder

Used to have one (not a cheap one either) but found the food pretty bad and everything was watery, even after following recipes carefully, I’m not sure what sorcery the authors of the recipes used for their photos of the food but it never even came close.

Eventually gave it away to the in-laws.

Starting using a slow-cooker again recently as a huge time-saver during the week. Got a bargain over the weekend to replace our old one that comes with a timer as we cook it overnight and portion out in the morning for two meals each that day. We cook the rice (if using) that morning, ready for reheating the same day. Should also help me lose some weight I’ve been saying i’d lose the last few years.

Suppose it may not be everyones cup of tea but so far it’s been good for me.
The presets tend to undercook so I always manually add a few minutes extra.

Now the slow cooker is one of those appliances that I couldn’t be without. Love getting home from work to find my dinner is ready

Put two frozen birds eye chicken breasts for 20 mins and they were barely cooked and needed an extra 20mins so 40 mins in total which cant be right ?

They are quite popular in Brazil :brazil:.
Although one time someone made a bomb from one and smuggled it on an airport. So apparently airport security gets a bit paranoid if you take it on the plane. :airplane:

Fun fact…

Almost all the recipes posted online as “pressure cooker recipes” are by morons who don’t understand the basics of food science and blindly follow recipes with zero intuition but luckily, as with all things gastronomy, it’s possible to use them to their full ability for things like ramen broth or pho stock.