Anyone using Fi?


Does anyone use Google Fi?

It is a sim whitch workes in 200 countrys worldwide.

From what I understand, it’s a US network that allows you to roam into 200 countries so for just of the users here it won’t be much use :slightly_frowning_face:

You’d have a US number and any friends and family will likely pay international charges to phone/message you.

Yes but you can use it in. 200 country’s with unlimited data service. This is the main reason why I have it.

$20 per month for unlimited calls and texts and then $10 per GB until you get to $60 then its free and unlimited.

$80 (not including tax) per month isn’t very cheap at £65.97 for unlimited calls, texts and data. I guess it may be useful if you do a lot of travelling but just to use in the UK it isn’t very good.


By UK standards it’s not cheap at all, by US standards it’s a pretty good deal. The great value service we have on this side is significantly cheaper than any service worth using over in the US.


Here in the UK we can us the three network which gives us unlimited data usage in 71 destinations (incl U.S) for around £20 a month (roughly $25) last time i checked.

TV and phone packages are just a whole lot cheaper over her than the US thankfully.

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But Fi allows me to have any UK network on the SIM so I have EE Vodafone and Three.

Complete rip-off when you can just use a dual SIM phone with UK SIM and local SIM while travelling.

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I am using Google Fi sim and also a data only sim on a second phone for past 5 months. It worked great in Canada, Croatia, Bosnia and Netherlands. No hick-ups. I believe it worked better than a Netherlands’ sim as well. I will be travelling to Italy and Switzerland so will report back on its performance.

If you guys are interested you can get a $20 off using link or code: UMWHNR

Well what did the UK providers after you reached the datalimit?

I am with Three unlimited data and as said roaming around the 70+ countries, so as on unlimited data the U.K. providers don’t charge extra for data

So it is like fi. Ok

Except as people have said much much much cheaper.