Anyone know where to get a contactless implant?

I wanna get my forehead implanted so I just have to headbut any terminal to pay. People will think I’m magic.

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They’ll think you’re something, not sure if “magic” is the word… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Like a Glasgow Tap’n’Go?


Fill out this form.

No contactless terminals were harmed during the payment via head of @NetentSam

Source: RSPCT

That will work great when you need to do a chip and pin transaction for SCA

What if someone tries to steal your head when you’re out for a walk?


Would you keep getting implants each time you needed to replace your card so that your head will eventually become like Kryten off Red Dwarf?



Could always just stash a contactless debit card in your face mask and achieve sorta the same result.

Barclaycard used to offer (and might still do) NFC stickers. Stick one of those on your forehead, paint it the colour of your skin, and you’re good to go.


would just need to stick a chip and a pin in each eye to verify. :eyes:



I remember these - stick to the back of your phone and psuedo contactless via device.

In fact, if :monzo: offered these, it’d kill the Garmin/Fitbit/Samsung Pay issue dead.

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Not quite what you’re after, for payments, but for anyone into the smart home automation stuff (paging the last bit of tech thread…)

You can get NFC implants nowadays to power your smart home:

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Be a pain if you faceplant the pin terminal, then it asks you to insert your card.

Cashier in the Co-op Bank restaurant in 2015 thought I had magic cufflinks. Bpay band was hidden under my shirt sleeve.


The vet. The tags you put in a cat are technically just the same as our door fobs at work.

But no use for payments.

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Back to :badger: Badger Pay - it’s the future

Which means the ‘Monzo in numbers’ topic needs an update now that there are 5,059,488 users:

“If all Monzo users used badger pay, they’d be collectively carrying 60,713,856 kgs of lethally angry animals.” :eyes: