Anyone finding Zapier useful?

(Morty) #1

There’s understandably a lot of chat around IFTTT around these parts, but I’m curious as to whether anyone’s found any useful ways of integrating Zapier ( into their daily (work?) routines.

I really love the idea of it, but have never really found anything really worthwhile that would justify paying for it.

Currently I’m using it to get messages on Slack for:

  • New Twitter followers
  • New Channels being created in Slack
  • New Twitter followers
  • Transferring Starred messages into Things3 as reminders

We use it a lot for business process automation. It allows us to take a new sign-up and pump their details into an array of systems ready for marketing, invoicing, payments, and general customer management.

Using both platforms myself, I generally find more use for Zapier for businesses, and IFTTT for personal use.

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