Anyone ever ordered from Wish?

Or when you get a pair of “Mike” shoes instead of those “Nike” shoes.


Supra High Tops. I don’t wear any other brands.

You might find they are a (very good) fake.

For £20 I’m not bothered as long as they don’t fall apart! I’ll likely buy some more from a store when I go the US in June. There’s wider availability (it’s difficult to find Supra in stores here) and the pricing is pretty much 25% less at least at the minimum.

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I know what you mean, I quite often stock up on stuff from Bath & Bodyworks when I go - very difficult and not cheap to get over here as they don’t have a presence at all here. Otherwise it is paying over the odds for re-shipping, or inflated prices from a distributer.

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Never used Wish. My perception has always been that it’s a marketplace for cheap Chinese knock-offs, and that they’ll use a picture of the original design to advertise but send you something that’s nowhere near the same quality or even made of the same materials!

I used to see a lot of adverts for Wish (not so many now) and I always thought from that and the prices shown in the advert that “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Hope your shoes are legit! :crossed_fingers:

You can see in this Youtube video someone ordering a bunch of stuff from Wish and trying it on, with side-by-side of tha adverts, and in most cases you can clearly see the awful discrepencies:

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I agree had a few sized items that seemed smaller than they should.
Quality similar to Primark in my experience.
Delivery is 1-3 weeks in my experiences with them.

I love channels that do dodgy Internet Shopping reviews. That ones great, and there’s a few Wish Food Gadget reviews that are just as entertaining.

The best part of Wish or Aliexpress though, by the time it arrives - you’ve completely forgot you ordered the thing- free gifts!


I’ve always found it super hit or miss as well. Sometimes you get decent stuff (decent for mega cheap anyway), sometimes you get rubbish or it never arrives :woman_shrugging: But like you say, it’s cheap enough that it’s worth the risk usually!


My wife went through a phase of using them. There are some items on there that are actually free (and no scam, they will send free stuff)… but it’s largely all rubbish tat.

Clothing sizes are Chinese so much, much smaller, but you can adjust by always going much bigger than you normally do.

And of course no returns because you’d have to pay shipment to china which is frequently more than the item cost in the first place…

Time to drop in another Youtube video:


I can only imagine the ‘free’ items work because the seller can cut enough out of the shipping charge to make a profit? Bit like how Amazon Marketplace had (still has?) set shipping prices for things and shady sellers would cheap out on shipping to keep as much of that as possible. Same with eBay, some shipping prices quotes raised rather large question marks.

(Disclaimer, I haven’t used Amazon Marketplace in years and eBay in decades, so my memory of how they work(ed) may be a little fuzzy.)

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OK so this woman is my new OBSESSION.



Update: My shoes arrived, they are real, and I am very pleased about this turn of events. :raised_hands:t4:

I was ready to drop £100 on some new Supra’s and thanks to Wish I only had to spend £20.

Instead I have spent the rest of the money on a sound bar.


You’re telling me that you ordering something from Wish, and it arrived in less than about 3 months?

Doesn’t sound right to me.

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To mis-quote the Wotsit Wizard, this screams FAKE NEWS. I bet Simon’s on a commission. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was shocked too. Just 6 days from ordering.

Worth noting this shipped from Holland, though, not China. I guess Wish sellers aren’t all in China.

They did have a fascinating pair of Nicolas Cage trousers that popped up on Facebook recently, but you can buy them on eBay too, which is probably a safer bet.


Err, if you had a link to those, could you share it?

Asking for a friend.


Jumping on this with a very off-topic reply to say that her wedding dance was amazing (the tango from the Addams family) and her ideas for videos are all really good!

Also I have ordered from Wish, but I prefer Aliexpress for service and their site is a little easier to navigate. I do enjoy the very bizarre ads Wish put up on Facebook though.


Here you go! :wink: