Anyone else use Discourse?

Just wondering if anyone else uses the Discourse app to access the forum on their phone?

I discovered it earlier, it’s just a web wrapper (which requires chrome on :android:) but I get notifications.

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Just had a Google of Zevvle (sorry being nosey) do you use it your self?

There’s a Zevvle thread on here

I use it , and it’s the cheapest PAYG data by far.

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Leaving 3 means my monthly bill has gone from £20 to £5 :sunglasses::+1:


Not really true if you use more than 6 GB/month…

It’s the cheapest PAYG data per MB in the country.

If you’re using 6GB a month then you can get cheaper bundles but that really Pre-pay not PAYG

I stand corrected.

Almost switched because on average I’d save money then found out lots of dealbreakers

No roaming data whatsoever
£15 minimum over three months (no good for low users or as non expiring secondary SIM)
EE only

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No roaming data outside of the EU.*

Edit: Blog post on this

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That’s been the case on all networks for over two years now. To be fair they do give the non-EU EEA countries too.

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