Any way to merge chain shops so total and average spent are combined?


Hi all

Is there any way I can merge two shops into one? Where I live there are two Londis shops nearby and I visit them alternatively (sometimes one has a deal on something that the other does not). Is there any way I can set them as the same shops, so the total and average spending is merger between them?

Also, is there a way I can give them a short name? Ones called Londis North Camp and another is Sycamores, and way I can just call both Londis?

Thanks in advance!

(Steve) #2

There’s nothing baked into the app. Could you use the tag feature and tag them as Londis? Then you could use the search feature and search for Londis to see all transactions?


Didn’t know you could do this. Thank you very much!

(Jonathon) #4

Would they not combine automatically if they are the same store?

(Matt Durbin) #5

Just so you are aware. Londis is a symbol group. All the stores are independently run and can choose their own epos and card processing. They can buy the stock from wherever they want as long as they order above the minimum value from Booker Retail Partners.

(Jonathon) #6

Interesting. I wonder if it’s worth just asking Monzo to combine them? They do with other things like franchises and international branches of brands once they know they are the same company.

(Jack) #7

If they use the Londis brand I’d have them merged to be the same merchant. From the end users perspective I’d imagine this is the simplest and clearest option.

(Matt Durbin) #8

But as they are all independent they can choose who they want to use to take card payments. If they want to offer card payments at all

(Jonathon) #9

Other companies do this too. If it’s branded Londis just let Monzo know and they will assign it to the Londis company.

(Jack) #10

You’d be surprised how many businesses are independent but use a larger brand name. My local costa is a franchise, they don’t take costa points or American Express.

(Jonathon) #11

I went to a Starbucks in Liverpool Street station today that was different too and didn’t take Amex… was very annoying!