Any one have any issues adding a card to android pay

When adding a card to android pay contacless it give an error of something went wrong try again later

I had that once, dredging my memory, I think I didn’t have a good internet connection at the time and it was fine once I did

Worked fine when I did it yesterday. You definitely haven’t frozen the card? And have activated it in the Monzo app first?

A good old phone restart might help too :slight_smile:

Checked if Frozen card new haven’t used it yet. New card, restarted my phone and on good internet 4g and home Wi-Fi. It does a active card check then fails.

You’ll need to raise it via in-app chat then so they can check MDES systems and see what’s going on and where it’s failing

Android Pay probably won’t work anymore and you’ll need to update your app to Google Pay.

It’s up-to-date on my phone just not my head lol

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Just a fyi it’s with support

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