Any Dungeons & Dragons players?

I played D&D for the very first time this Saturday (Forgotten Realms, Sunless Citadel, as a Duergar Rogue) and it was super fun! Was wondering if anyone else has played this before and can share tips/stories/banter.


I’m playing tonight, actually! It’s a weekly thing I do with some mates with characters & world we’ve been using for a couple of years now. We have “filler arcs” (our DM doesn’t like us calling them filler arcs) where we mess about the city we have as our base (where we own a pub called “The Cat and Dragon” (so called because I’m a gnome that spends a lot of time in the form of a cat and we have a magically preserved dragon’s head with us at all times)) in between major stories. We don’t take things too seriously, as does the DM, and it’s good fun.

I suspect our approach of making every encounter a comedy might rub some DMs the wrong way, so i guess a tip would be to be aware of how the DM reacts to what you do and try to follow the groove of other players.

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Great tip! My DM is pretty into the comedy himself (one of our NPCs was an improvised goblin ladladlad but I can’t assume all DMs are into that.

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What kinda filler arcs though?

I know I’ve played D&D, but it was 40 years ago. All I remember is that a good game needs a good DM.

Well, recently we had a small investigation about the city where we had to deal with some kidnappers, which would eventually lead to our next big quest. However, we got attacked by some kenkus but we ended up making friends with one despite the city treating them as vermin.

Because of us investigating into these kidnappings, and our kenku friend was seen associating with us, he got murdered and displayed outside our pub as a warning. The city didn’t care, because they’re vermin, so we then decided to go off track to try and, put simply, do a “Band Aid” type deal for the kenkus to try and improve their public image.

We had a lot of fun doing stuff like this that the DM then incorporated into stories later on. We progress quite slowly with main quests, but it’s all very casual and we have fun doing whatever we do.

Also I’m a weretiger now, so I’ve got that going for me.


Dark Heresey ftw! I used to play regularly at Uni but I don’t have enough time so it’s confined to holidays now :disappointed_relieved:



Got really into this like two years ago. Played through the Starter Set adventure and had a blast (I had to DM because I was the one persuading folks to play). Would love to get back into it, since I lost my original bunch of players when I moved to London…


This whole post was amazing :hot_coral_heart:


Check out

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Started to learn MTG very recently, which would be super fun to get into properly :nerd_face:. I’d imagine D&D to be the same! I think light comedy + great story telling too would make a great weekly game :mage:t2:‍♂!