Any decent account deletion services?

Anyone who has tried had much success? :blush:

I would not recommend anything that asks for access to your mailboxes. All they need to check which accounts you’ve got is your email address which you can provide manually without letting them snoop on all your mail.

Some banks can only close your account if you withdraw every last penny, this was a few years ago though !

I had this with the Halifax years and years ago. Did my best but still had 3p left in or similar. Received a letter last year saying they were going to the close the account as it seemed inactive.


I have a whopping £1.12 in BTC to giveaway before I can close my coinbase account. If you have a wallet that’s not linked to coinbase I’ll give it to ya. Send me a DM.

I suggest you give it to someone who wants to get started with crypto. Would be a nice way to have some real money to play with, however small it might be.