Any decent account deletion services?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent account deletion service? You know, the ones that find all your previously made online accounts and then help you to close them down.
I’ve signed up for so many things over the years and I’m not really happy with things I was posting online when I was 15 still floating around 13 years later…

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This is an interesting one. I’m not sure I’ve heard of any but I can :100: see the benifit to it.

The only thing similar I’ve heard of is services that store your information until you pass away for your loved ones to access.


What about starting with the ones that have been compromised on Have I Been Pwned?


I used to use but seems to of gone under gdrp!

Used to scan your mailbox for every subscription you’re a part of.

Another is search inbox for word “username” as pretty much every sight sign-up email says your username and will help you spot a few more you’ve missed?

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Unroll also had a huge issue when it turned out they were selling details of what you were subscribed to to advertisers.

It’s usually easier to search your email (or set up a filter) to find all emails that have the word ‘Unsubscribe’. I have a filter to move them all into a folder then every so often go through them to remove myself or whitelist them by giving them their own filter to move them into a different folder or keeping them in the inbox.


Wow missed that bit of news !

iOS unsubscribe support does seem to work quite well. Also since GDPR my spam has dropped significantly!


I think I’ve took post off topic, apologies. The Op is wanting a way to delete his old accounts rather than unsubscribe :confused:


Bad @Dannytc! I don’t know of any services that do this don’t know if I’d trust any either! Bit of a tough one but I do have a lot of old accounts I’ve probably forgotten about that need deleted! I’m thinking there’s probably still accounts on tumblr, bebo, MySpace, faceparty etc!


This is the kind of stuff I’m looking to get rid of.

I used this morning which basically scans your email for accounts and then sends account deletion requests. I’ve had a few emails back so far saying my accounts have been deleted but a few of the email addresses seemed to no longer be active.

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This looks good actually. Not exactly what I was after but really useful!

I used and BT autosent an email saying that their inbox is full so it failed. :laughing:


Just used . It seems I’m quite good at keeping on top of my accounts. It only picked up one :raised_hands:t3:


I can’t get on the site:(

Spelling error. Just corrected.

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Yeah sorry. It autocorrected to unseat :joy:

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Can they cope with large mailboxes? I get several thousand emails per month (sometimes well over 10k) and wondered if it would struggle…

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Shame only does gmail or outlook.

I’ve got 15k in my inbox and it seemed to manage ok. It’s worth a shot :grin:

I’ve got over 40k from 14 years of having my Gmail account and it worked fine. I doubt it scans every individual email, perhaps just contacts/sender addresses.

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