Anti Static Wrist Strap?

Got one of these coming today with my new CPU

I heard you have to keep the PC connected at the mains but turned off whilst connecting the strap to the PSU

I’m scared i’ll get an electric shock doing this ? Id feel more comfortable disconnecting the PC completely from the mains

Should I just ground myself periodically by touching my electric radiator and touch the pc case before disconnecting it

You won’t zap your CPU. I’ve never bothered with a wrist strap and not killed anything yet. Just touching something metal is fine.


:point_up: what he said

Chiming in on this too - I’ve never had an issue and I’ve never left it plugged in (I don’t think I’d dare) or worn a wrist band.

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To be fair, killing something dead isn’t really what you’re protecting against. It can happen, but that’s on the extreme end of possible component damage. There’s lots of more subtle risks between that (on one end of the scale) and nothing (on the other).

It is true to say if the computer isn’t plugged in then clipping a wristband to it is pretty much a waste of time. It won’t do any harm but I doubt it would achieve a lot either.

Plug your PC in but leave it switched off at the wall. It basically earths your PC but provides no power.

Discharge any static in your body or on the packaging for the CPU by touching the case with it. Should be fine. I used a strap for my first build, but stopped after that. I just make sure I’m in regular contact with an earthed case and have not fried anything yet.

The switch breaks the circuit and cuts the power. There’s really nothing to be worried about, what’s left intact is the earth connection which is why they talk about having it plugged in.

Ok thanks guys.

So keep it plugged in but turned off at the wall and the off at the PSU then do it ?

That’s fine. The earthing remains connected regardless

That said, it is only a very small amount for the wristband in the scheme of things, so might be worth it for peace of mind if this is not a one off occasion

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Ok i’ll do it that way then. No chance of electric shock providing it’s all powered off ?
Rather not use the wristband as i dont feel comfortable wiring myself to electric lol

The wristband only has an Earth pin, so no shock potential there

The other approach relies on the plug socket and power supply being switched off to cut the non-Earth pins - still safe, but arguably very marginally less so than the wristband approach

Ok so keep the PC plugged in but powered off at the wall and the PSU then change it.
I’ll do it on a work surface with no fabric nearby and on a floor which isn’t carpet
Will report back once installed thanks guys

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Yeah, fine

Just make sure you touch the metal elements of the case before and occasionally during

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Install went fine, back plate was a bit fiddly and kept coming loose so had to selotape it to the case whilst installing the heatsink as it kept moving, all ok though

I’ve built my own computers, many times and never used one. Still not broken anything.