Annotating payments

Hi guys,

I think it would be a really useful feature if you could annotate a payment and that annotation shows up on both the debit and credit side.

For example:

I have a ‘Eating Out’ pot. When I would go out for a meal, I would spend on my joint card and then credit my joint account from my ‘eating out’ pot.

I then annotate the credit that comes into the joint account as something like ‘Pizza Hut PB’. PB standing for payback.

It would be useful if debit that comes out of my eating out pot also had the same annotation attached.

That way I could see all the transactions that have left my eating out pot and what I’ve actually spent that money on.

Hopefully this would be of use to others too!

You can add notes to your pot transfers.

Virtual Cards direct from a pot would solve this for you too in a different way.

Yes you can - but then you are annotating twice - no?

If you’re going to go down such a forensic route then you’ll have to do it twice.

But a virtual card will do this for you so the money comes directly from the pot and then you wouldn’t need to add any notes. But obviously that doesn’t link through accounts.

I’ll look into the virtual cards, I don’t think they were an option when I moved over to Monzo. Thanks for advice.

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