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I’ve seen a few of their ads recently, and they launched a miaowing card now :joy:

I did a search on here and everything was from about 6 months ago during their very early beta I imagine they must have come along a bit further now?

(Stephen Spencer) #2

I thought you were taking the mickey but no:

But in fact, as you can see from the comments, they haven’t actually squeezed a tiny speaker into the card, and got it to steal enough inductive current from the card machine, it’s just the app that makes the noise.

Wonder how much that video cost to make? And I bet all those people and cats aren’t ANNA staff/pets, as they would have been if Monzo had (lost the plot and) done a similar ad. Although the Monzo ad would have been “yeah it makes a coin noise when you use it, but we did that ages ago, can we talk about some of our new features instead please?”


I’m a bit gutted now that Monzo doesn’t miaow :frowning: A kerching just isn’t as good.


Profile > Settings > Contactless sound

:white_circle: Kerching
:large_blue_circle: Miaow

(Starling Guru) #5

Who is that guy speaking, I’ve seen him before?



Fabulous use of brackets there

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FinExtra says Luke McQueen from the BBC

(Nathan Steer) #10

So… this is apparently a thing…

(Emma (still not the app)) #11

Posted elsewhere but it’s the app notification sound that miows, not the card

(Ex-Starling Guru) #12

Animal-lover though I am, I fear, even for cat-people, the miaow thing could well start to grate. And I wonder if they’ve thought about the potential for alienating dog-owners (etc).

Now if you could include, in-app, your own animal’s talk…:thinking: (You know, goose, llama, sea-lion?)

I’ll get my coat…:smirk:

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #13

Yes a goat sound… ohh sorry ‘coat’.

And no-one cares about alienating goldfish owners… ahhh remember goldfish!

(Ex-Starling Guru) #14

Now you’ve started something…:astonished:

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(Sacha Zarb) #15

So we’ll have a meow and Mastercard’s new sonic brand playing with Anna cards?


Ha, they’re replacing the miaow! Apparently the original seems to have been a bit of a Diva.