Android thread

Sorry If there’s already a general android thread but couldn’t find one and got bored using the search.

Anyway this just popped up. Not sure if it is a Samsung thing or a general android thing but thought it was quite cool. First time I’ve seen the prompt.

It’s been a joint thing between Apple and Google for about a year now:


It’s an Android thing. Sort of. It’s baked into Android 14:

Samsung may have implemented their own version for all I know - but the rollout of the insanely useful, cross-platform ‘Find my…’ network has been delayed somewhat:

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Known about this for a while but just realised my Mrs has a tracker on my keys but I’ve never had a notification about it (Samsung Smart tag) not sure if that makes a difference

If you do a manual scan from your device, while the tracker on your keys is close by, does it find anything?