[Android] Shared Tabs minor UI glitches

Issue: 3 small issues so far, not sure if better to create 3 tickets:

  1. When sending a payment reminder to the other members right after having sent one, a generic error message is displayed instead of a “You can’t spam them” or something similiar: https://imgur.com/a/889oqKL

  2. Difficult to describe accurately, text is cut off, see first screenshot:https://imgur.com/a/DvWa2hE

  3. On the transactions list view, each item has 2 ripple effects stacked, and one of them has some margin on the left leaving a weird effect (second screenshot from the link above)

Details to reproduce: Number 2 might be due to my device’s screen specs, others should be simple I hope, let me know if more details are required.
OS: Android 8.0
Device: Sony Xperia X Compact
App Version: 2.31.1

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