✅ [Android] Savings counted twice in total balance

On the Personal Account tab, it shows total balance, the money in n my savings pot is counted twice making me look richer than I am.

Details to reproduce:
OS: android
Device: pixel
App Version:


Thanks Julian, I’ll pass this on to the team to investigate.

Hmmm - that doesn’t happen to me (also Android)

Just looked, this is also happening to me.
OnePlus 3T - Android 8
Beta app 2.21.0

Happy to PM screenshots if needed.

Thanks for reporting Julian, and passing it on Kieran. We’ve been working on the way we cache Savings Pot balances, so that fetching them is a cheap operation for our backend. This resulted in this unintentional side effect, apologies for that. I’m working on a fix for this as we speak!


This fix is now live, please do let me know if you’re still seeing anything wrong. Thanks for your patience :pray:


Can confirm the fix is working on mine now. Thanks for investigating and the quick resolution.

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Wow, so fast! Yes confirmed it’s fixed for me. Thanks