[Android] Retry Logic and User Feedback

I’m imminently to be married and this means throwing money at suppliers. Last week, I had a not-unsubstantial amount to transfer from our joint account. I did this in a train station, which has a flakey data connection at best.

Anyway, I went through the screens of entering bank details and the payment amount and hit send. After a few moments, a little orange error popped up saying something along the lines of “Something went wrong. Please try again later.”

I checked my feed, which didn’t show any new transactions, so put my phone away and told myself I’d sort it later when I’d have a better data connection.

A few minutes later, my other half messaged me about a recent transaction from our joint account. At this point, my data was reliable again, so I checked and was surprised to see the transfer actually went through.

Perhaps it sounds like a really insignificant detail, but it is very probable that I would have gone through with the transfer again without looking at my transaction feed, which I don’t need to explain could be a disaster especially if the recipient wasn’t a reputable company. I couldn’t imagine Monzo taking my side either if I wanted to try recover the funds - it would be easy to argue it being my fault for initiating the transfer twice, perhaps.

Long story short, my issue is with the handling of the bad connection and the messaging around it. If something goes wrong, don’t tell me to try again yet retry again behind the scenes. Otherwise a big obvious notification of the ongoing retry attempts could have mitigated any risk.

Details to reproduce:
Initiate a transfer with an unreliable, bordering unusable connection.

Android 10

Google Pixel 2 XL

App Version:


From personal experience, if you make a transfer which initially seems to fail, wait. At least 24 hours. And check the other person’s details (if a Joint Account) before trying again. If no specific ‘declined’ error feedback is issued, the transfer usually goes through without further action.