Android pay card suspended [resolved]


[Edit; refreezing and unfreezing the card makes it unblocked in android pay.]

I opened my android pay app, and saw that my monzo card is suspended and I should contact my card issuer,

Has anyone else had it? Why did this randomly happen, and I didnt get a notification from monzo or android pay.

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maybe worth contacting in app customer operations through the chat function ?


Did you freeze your Monzo card at any point? That suspends your card.


Did , waiting for a reply


Don’t remember , but I definitely didn’t try to make a payment whilst it was frozen, would freezing for a few seconds( basically playing with it) cause it?


It has been reported in the community before. I don’t think it makes a difference how long it is frozen for


That’s strange basically means that Google is checking the card every few mins.


I just froze my Monzo card the my default card switched from Monzo to Starling. I had set it to Monzo first to be sure.


It happens instantly when you freeze a Monzo card.
If you lock a Starling card nothing happens instantly, may be it will after some time

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No, it means that when you freeze the card Monzo pushes a notification to Google which in turn pushes a notification to your phone to freeze the card in Android Pay. :slight_smile:

Are you sure, or is Starling simply not pushing through a notification to Google to notify you? Since all Android Pay transactions have to occur online, the card can still be frozen even if Android Pay doesn’t know it.


So they should make it that it unblocks when you unfreeze…

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They do, but there were bugs around that. I thought the bugs were fixed, though… maybe @RichardR knows more?

Edit - I just did some tests, froze and unfroze my card a few times on my iPhone while watching in Android Pay on my Android phone. It took 3-4 seconds for the suspended status to update pretty consistently, and I didn’t have it get stuck once. I see that cycling it again worked for you, so yay! I wonder if there are specific situations that cause it to stick frozen…

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The bugs were fixed :slight_smile:

The only one I can think of is if the card is blocked?