Android P Beta


‘App Not Responding’

It’s basically the technical term for a stalling app (generally caused by a long-running task on the UI thread).

Android shows a dialog asking if you want to close the app or wait.

@SilviuL probably pointless to ask, but have you tried a general clear data/reinstall? I’ve not had any issues with it on my Pixel 2 running (rooted) P.


(Silviu) #22

Sorry, it’s that dialog that says it’s not responding. it’s called an ANR - Application Not Responding

(Silviu) #23

@Liam_W yeah did all that. Haven’t checked logs yet though…

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #24

It’s not perfect :wink::sweat_smile: but it’s 99% of the way there :blush:

CASS screen is a bit broken… But I don’t use that screen very often :smirk:

I’m truly amazed by Pb2, even the preview was rock solid for me! :tada: The battery life I’ve experienced on the Beta is phenomenal… I’m talking 6+hrs of screen on time Vs 4 on Oreo, same usage.
They’ve done some real magic here! I have never had ‘good’ SoT. So I’m thrilled :grin: Grats Google :slight_smile: