[Android] Old top-ups appearing wrong

(Kolok) #1

Issue: Old top-ups appearing as pure gym. (Read second post below also)

Details to reproduce: scroll back/search for a top-up
OS: Android 9
Device: pixel 3
**App Version:**2.28.1


Seems like all my old top-ups have changed to pure gym limited , anyone else?

I know top-ups are off now, but the root cause might be affecting other things possibly.

Edit: bit weird but clearing app storage fixes it then swipe the app shut and reopen then search and it’s gone back to PureGym.

(Kolok) #2

So I was looking more and it seems like searching “pure gym/ pure /gym /gym ltd” will bring up every transaction I’ve ever done except direct debits and inbound /outbound transfers

(Chris Rimell) #3

I’ve had this before although I can’t remember what the merchant name was. I think I cleared the cached data on the app so that all the logo days reloaded


I’ve noticed this. All my top ups and some overdraft notifications show up as “Virgin Money Credit Card”

(Kolok) #5

I did some searching on the forum and someone else said it’s when they have a direct debit going out soon and monzo show it at the top of the feed greyed out.

I have a pure gym one going out soon atm so makes sense.

Do you have Virgin direct debit ?


Yes, I have a Virgin credit card with a payment going out in a few days so that makes sense. Well found!


To confirm, my payment went out and the issue corrected itself. I spoke to one of the COps in-app and they said they’re aware of the glitch and someone is looking into it.