Android Notifications

(Emma Guy) #1

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our notifications - currently each new notification you get cancels the old one which can be pretty frustrating.

In Android N, the ability to bundle notifications together became possible (much like on Android Wear). On older platforms you’d just see each of the notifications separately.

I’m thinking initially we might just have the one bundle for all Monzo notifications, but we could go further than that and bundle by different types, for example:

Here I’ve bundled transactions in one group and top ups in another, but this could also extend to p2p, declined transactions etc.

What do you all think about our notifications right now? What would you change? Is this bundling something you’d find useful?

(Marta) #2

I just posted this: Suspicious activity notification
This applies to both platform though.

I was notifications more customisable, option to hide merchant and/or ££ and replace it with unclear, yet more private message ‘Transaction was made 1 min ago’. So basically, templated notifications with values as variables? $value, $time, $time_ago, $merchant and I can make my own notification.

I’d like ability to set notifications on/off for certain purchase categories. For example, show notifications for all categories apart from Grocery purchases. It feels a bit awkward, I pay in a shop and there’s instant ding on the phone in my pocket.

Grouping up notifications is neat too, but I rarely make purchases so close to each other to not dismiss earlier notification, so I don’t think I’d see grouped notifications often.

(Andrew Schofield) #3

The gmail app has bundled notifications doesn’t it and that works at least as far back as Android 4.4?

(Emma Guy) #4

I think this is something slightly different, I think they’re using this: (which is something we could also consider)

Do you find it useful?

(Andrew Schofield) #5

It’s useful for apps like gmail/whatsapp where I might have multiple unread notifications. By extension it would be useful for Monzo, although at the moment I rarely leave my :monzo: notifications hanging around for long enough to build up a collection.

(Louie O'Donoghue) #6

I think bundled notifications would be useful, especially if you’re on a shopping spree! I like the idea of splitting them out as well!


and if you are in a meeting you don’t want newer notices to overwrite previous ones…but to be able to view them all

(Marcus Nailor) #8

I think it would be a fantastic feature @emmag! :slight_smile:

It’ll become increasingly relevant once :monzo: becomes a full fledged bank (where DD’s and SO’s could be coming out automatically) But still really nice for now, can go between 2 shops, and have the grouped notifications, etc. It makes sense to me :slight_smile:

(Ash Kierans) #9

This is actually a really good point

Bundling together any payments that came from your account overnight!

(Emma Guy) #10

Thanks everyone! I think one bundle is definitely a good place to start :slight_smile:

(Andrew Schofield) #11

Is it possible to do bundling and inboxstyle at the same time so that those of us still using Marshmallow and below can still get some benefit?

(Emma Guy) #12

Yeah - I think this should be fine. If it’s going to make implementing it take significantly longer we might consider not, but I don’t foresee it being too much of a problem