[Android] Monzo claims I'll run out of money when I won't

Monzo claims I’ll run out of money when I won’t.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Open a new account
  2. Add £50
  3. Check your summary.

How does Monzo think I’ll run out of money when I’ve spent nothing and put £50 in?

OS: Android
Device: HTC M8s
App Version: Latest as at 2018-09-22


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the summary is not that accurate, only you know if you will run out of money or not, I don’t even bother with that as you have control over how you spend your money

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If it has no data to work with then it’s not unexpected that it won’t know exactly when you might run out of money. It can only work with the information it has, in this case, none at all.

That said, perhaps in this situation it should just say something bland about requiring more data.


You’ve both hit the nail on the head. Monzo is trying to help, but rather than admit it can’t (insufficient data) it makes the (incorrect) assumption that I’ll run out of money. I’d rather it said nothing at all.

“If you’ve got nothing to say, say it.” :slight_smile:


I’ve only ever been about to run out of money, if you ask Monzo. It’s just not sophisticated enough for anything remotely like my normal banking month. I wonder if monzo is as against any kind of manual intervention by the user as Emma on the Emma thread. Automaton like this is going to take a while to become useful and it would be easier to tell monzo some things directly instead

Ha! I figured something out I think…

I had allocated the incoming funds to “Family”. So I had nothing left over. I changed it to “General” and now it claims “You’re set to have £40 left over”. Since I’ve not spent a penny, I reckon I’m going to have the whole £50 left over actually.

Can we as users switch off this irritating message please?