[Android] Monzo chat text input doesn't auto scroll

Issue: When typing a long message in the in-app support chat, if the vertical space of the message is bigger than the text input box (6 lines on my phone), adding more text doesn’t auto-scroll which means as you type, you can’t see the text appearing (it’s appearing out of sight, below the bottom of the box). It was quite confusing and at first I thought my keyboard had crashed, and then when you go to manually scroll in the box, your cursor jumps to where your finger was.

Details to reproduce: I think (?) this only happens after you’ve sent a message.
Help > Chat with us > [send a message] > type in a long message, over 6 lines. the box expands as you type, but once it hits its maximum and the box is full, any further text is added invisibly.

OS: Android 9
Device: OnePlus 5 (A5000)
App Version: 2.32.0*

*I’m in the beta programme, but I think this is the public release version

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Seems to be fixed with the latest update (2.34.1) :+1: