✅ [Android] Log-in screen glitch

Issue: after installing the update to the Android app today, the app quits right after launch and fingerprint authentication then when I relaunch it it opens directly inside the app

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android
Device: Samsung Galaxy S10
App Version: 3.46.0


Yep, same here as well on Android.

im having same problem

I’ve also had this infrequently since updating to (beta) 3.46.0 last week.

Strangely, the frequency of this issue has reduced from intermittently at the start of using 3.46.0 to only once yesterday and hasn’t happened today so far. It’s a strange :bug:

For reference, I have ‘Use fingerprint to unlock app’ and ‘Use fingerprint for authentication’ active in Privacy and security but don’t have ‘Use new biometrics’ enabled in Labs.

If the issue returns with regularity, I’ll have a tinker.

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I have have noticed this today, been on this beta since it came out but haven’t noticed it before.

it stared since the update even the normal version is the same now

i;ve just realised ive been experiencing this as well. I thought my fat thumb was pressing the home button the same time i fingerprint unlocked it.

Running latest Android beta version on android 10

i have reported it to monzo someone is trying to get a fix

Hey @ARahman.Qutb

Thanks for reporting! We’re looking into this now, I’ll post an update as soon as I have one :eyes:


Hey everyone!

This will be fixed for the next release (3.47.0) which is due to be to released on Monday (or Today/Friday for you keen beans on the beta)



The update seems to have fixed this issue…Happy days all round…

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Hi Stevie & welcome :wave:

Yup, the issue hasn’t happened for me since 3.47.0 was released :smile:

Nice to see successful :bug: squashing going on!

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Seems to still be an issue

:point_up: That’s a different bug to the login glitch (which was fixed in 3.47.0)

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Oh stupid me

Don’t be silly - the more exposure :bug:'s have, the more change of getting rid of 'em!


What was driving me mad was I was sure I tested the bug and it was fixed , but I couldn’t recall opening the map recently, but now I realise I tested the login bug