✅ [Android] Link to Golden Tickets disappears

Issue: The little golden circle taking you to the page to share your golden tickets disappears when you change page. A small UI glitch, doesn’t affect usability too much!

Details to reproduce: Open the app, tap on the payments tab, you’ll see the small golden circle. Then move to the ‘Request’ tab at the top, and then back to the ‘Send’ tab, and you’ll see the golden circle isn’t there anymore. It comes back when you switch to another screen and come back to the payment screen, but disappears in between the send and the receive tabs.
OS: Android 8.0
Device: Samsung Galaxy S9
App Version: 2.6.1

When you first open the payments tab on the ‘Send’ page, the circle is there…

After clicking to ‘Request’ and back to ‘Send’, it is gone :scream:

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Awesome bug report! To make sure that the team sees it, I’d recommend sharing this via the in-app chat too.

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Thanks for this! I’m pleased you’ve told me how to get rid of that annoying button! Hopefully it won’t get fixed as golden tickets are pointless.