[Android] Layout bug

I’ve noticed today my Joint Account is no longer shown at the top my the list. It’s now showing pots first which is weird.

This isn’t really helpful but I’m just commenting to say I love that you have a nespresso pot :joy: I feel you on that! So expensive! :sob:


This bug has been raised a few times here:

Hoping it will be fixed in the next release!

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Haha, thanks. We’ve finally given in and got a monthly sub with a machine after our last one died, so it’s just a pot for the payment we make to go into each month before the card gets charged.

The things we get roped in to paying for in 2019, and I still go to Starbucks and Costa most weeks :joy:

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Ah ok! Do you find the subscription quite good? I was in the nespresso shop recently and found out they done a subscription service with a machine and pods! Quite a business model!

Do you not fancy using the bills pots to manage your bills like that payment? Assuming it’s a direct debit? If you’ve not used the bills pots, have a look the threads on here about it. I’ve got a pot called ‘bills’ and have all my direct debits and standard orders paid from it. On payday I have a scheduled transfer of £x (the total amount of all my bills), transferred to the ‘Bills pot’. That way, the money is put aside for the bills and what is left in my current account is actually what’s left after bills. If you haven’t looked at this, I’d recommend you have a look - it’s fantastic!


Annoyingly, the Nespresso sub is a card payment, so unsupported atm. I do use the bill pot for DD’s and transfers though, which works great.

As for the Nespresso subscription itself, we thought it was really good value. Our average monthly spend was about £40 anyway but for £45 we got a £300 machine included with a 3 year warranty instead of 1, and you’re only tied in for 12 months. So in theory it’s costing us £60. Can’t argue with that.

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