[Android] Late travel report

Monzo only realises I’m back from a trip when i use chip and pin.

Details: Today i took cash out for the first time this year. Last time i took cash was in Austria over New Year. As soon as i took today’s cash, i got the trip report from Austria, despite having used my card or Google Pay almost daily in the UK ever since. Do contactless payments not get noticed by the Monzo location process?

OS: Android 9
Device: Galaxy S9+
App Version: 2.36.1

I managed to sneak out of the country for a week in February without Monzo finding out. Despite using my Monzo card (Apple Pay and contactless and PIN) several times. :shushing_face::shushing_face:


Not sure about the trip report yet, but so far I’ve been welcomed to Qatar, Iran and Thailand.
Will have to see if it generates a report when I get back to uk.

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You’re not on Edgware Road, are you? :nerd_face:


Lahore Grill at Edgware Road , London has fantastic briyani :slight_smile: