[Android/iOS] Showing option to activate replacement card... although I haven't ordered one

This shows for me now since I updated to the latest Android version. Underneath that option is ‘Manage Card’ which has the same menu option within it too.

However underneath my joint account it doesn’t show at all.

Pressing it just prompts you to enter your long card number.

After updating the Android app I’m still seeing the following on my joint account (but not personal). Joint account is new and shiny, so I’ve never requested a replacement card.


Can you let me know which version it is you just updated to?

I’ve got the opposite, I can see the replacement card text on my personal account but not joint. Android 2.16

2.16 also

Same as everyone else, 2.16.0

Mines fine. :thinking: Android 2.16 (current, sorry)

Off topic:


Says Android pay and not Google Pay.

Joint or Current Account?

Thanks, I’ve let the team know it’s the latest version and we can have a look tomorrow.

also mentioned the Google Pay thing @redshift!

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No biggie, but I’m still seeing this issue on my joint account :upside_down_face:

Just a quick one on response time from support, in all fairness I’d rather send a message and get on with my life while I wait for a reply to my non urgent enquiries than spend an hour or more on the phone been passed from one robot to an other then being sat in a queue where my custom is valued over and over again, then get fed up and hang up only to go though it all over again the next.
Come on guys a bit of perspective please.

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I believe this is what the preliminary data @liamh has been working on shows :raised_hands:

Of course the queue times are not acceptable (as others have said) but customers generally have continued to rate conversations highly in part because it is asynchronous and when we do get back to them, there is a swift resolution :slight_smile:



Thanks Beth for sharing and letting the community know our plan to get back to speed.

As head of Customer Operations I want to apologise for the length of wait times.

When our customers opt for an urgent response we are responding within 10 mins. That said there’s no hiding from other enquiries taking several hours to respond , this is something we’re solving as a priority.

Hiring has taken longer than expected and we should in hindsight have started the recruitment sooner. We will be back to normal swift responses within the next 4 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and your feedback, It’s very much appreciated.


I had this too, the TestFlight version released today ha fixed it :slight_smile:

Yes this certainly seems to be the case but just to echo @BethS, @GlynK and @HughWells this definitely isn’t a new norm - we wouldn’t be comfortable with this at all.

I’m actually in the process of sending surveys out to any users who’ve given us a rating after a chat recently, with a few questions to work out how wait times and a few other factors affect the way you feel about a conversation.

If you gave us a rating after we responded then you’ll most likely receive this next week too, so please do fill it out! Would love to hear your thoughts and the more responses the better. This will inform what our wait time targets should be going forward! :blush:


This is fixed for me now :+1:

Anyone else still seeing the issue?

Thanks to all the Monzo staff who replied to explain the current support wait times :clap: Once I did get through to a support operative they were friendly and helpful, so I can’t fault that :slight_smile:


I waited about 20 hours yesterday (by which time the problem had fixed itself, and I’d already updated the thread to say so). I didn’t want to give a crap rating in case it affected the individual- is that correct?

Not to worry, it won’t affect any individual. Thanks for considering that though :blush:


I didn’t receive the survey… are they coming?

There’s a couple of different variables I’ve had to apply to make sure we’re not sending out duplicate surveys, I suspect this might be the case. Thanks very much for checking in on this!

Happy to take a look into why if you could send over your email address in a DM :blush:

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