✅ [Android/iOS] Scheduled pot withdrawals occur *after* scheduled payments, causing scheduled payments to fail

(Duncan) #61

FWIW I used to use the IFTTT integration to do this and it worked perfectly. Here’s hoping the latest fix is the last we need!

(David watson ) #62

This now working properly money transfer out of bills pot at 1.30am and direct debit out at 2am ish :+1::grin:

(Duncan) #63

I had a weird one last night - I set up a transfer for that day, but did it around 8 mins past midnight. The transfer triggered immediately. Will be setting one up tonight to see the behaviour under normal circumstances.

(Duncan) #64

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Now to see that everything works as the month clicks over.

(Peter Shillito) #65

I also notice that scheduled pot withdrawals are also showing in the upcoming bit of the feed. However, one I set up today isn’t. Guess it’s still being worked on. Have a screenshot:

I made another scheduled pot withdrawal earlier on for tomorrow for the £71 payment to Cheshire East, but that wasn’t added to the tomorrow section :frowning:

Tapping on the 25.72 pot withdrawal gives a time of 2am, same as the direct debits :worried:

(Kieran McHugh) #66

This is expected for now, it will show up starting the day after you create the recurring pot movement :slight_smile:

If you’ve scheduled a one-off movement, it will show up the day before it’s due to move.

If you’ve scheduled a one-off movement for tomorrow, it won’t show up right now. We will add this.

(Chinedu Umeh) #67

What time do scheduled pot deposits occur? Is it after BACS payments come through?

(Andy Slater) #68

So… I get paid on the 25th and have an amount move into a ‘pocket money’ pot.
What time will the scheduled transfer take place? Will it happen after the BACS payment of my wages?

Every Friday, an amount is scheduled to withdraw from ‘pocket money’ into my available balance, if the 25th is a Friday, which transfer will occur first?
The monthly amount TO the pot, or the weekly amount FROM the pot?